Playstation Phone gets snapped with Xperia logo; announcement imminent?

by XB on 4th January 2011

in Xperia PLAY

Playstation PhoneSome more pictures of Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Phone (aka Xperia Play) have surfaced showing both the Xperia and Playstation logos for the first time. The pictures also show that the handset is indeed running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and could indicate that the handset’s announcement may be coming very soon (in time for CES later this week?)

The pictures also show the phone compared against a white Xperia X10 and it’s interesting to note that both handsets look similar in size despite the fact that the Playstation Phone has a curvier design compared to the monolithic edges of the X10. Check out some larger pics after the break.

Playstation Phone

Playstation Phone

Playstation Phone

Via [via Engadget].

  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool, interesting to see how it will performs overall!

  • Warmgun32

    Me likey. My X10 does have a bigger screen, and I am not sure if curved edges is the way to go, but sure I will think it is the kipper’s knickers when it is MINE!!!!

  • Balanko

    Anyone noticed that the psp phone will be the first SE android to feature the “search button” ??
    Is there a message behind this?

  • Nilsepils94

    the others had it but it was hidden in the volume buttons and not reachable if it doesn’t have one google doesn’t allow to put on android! :D

  • Op
  • Haifengster

    Maybe X10 can update to android 2.3

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