Xperia arc white paper released, confirms MSM8255 chipset

by XB on 6th January 2011

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Qualcomm SnapdragonSony Ericsson has released the white paper for the beautiful new Xperia arc handset. Amongst other things, it confirms the full specifications of the handset including the fact that it will be powered by a MSM8255 Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

This 1GHz chipset is one of the latest from Qualcomm and is the same chip that powers the HTC Desire HD. The 45nm processor uses the Adreno 205 GPU, which is meant to offer significant improvements over the Adreno 200 GPU found in the Xperia X10. The white paper also confirms that the phone will come with 512MB of phone memory. You can download the full PDF of the white paper here.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a descent upgrade….

  • Sigmar

    Whats the RAM?512?

  • except for the display n camera…..evrything sounds so 2010.

  • Sigh, it’s everything the X10 should have been. “N” wifi, 512mb ram, DLNA, FM radio….. Why it’s the same as a Captivate last Summer!

  • Mezm

    trolls the phone is great you fools never happy

  • Hotmial

    why only 512mb -like anxciet galaxy S
    31h yea right Big cock i dont belived !!!
    no avi-pussies ????

  • antar

    Yeah, where’s the RAM?

  • Marko

    where is front camera useless phone useless pussies se

  • Seuslightingx10

    So we will get 10 point more in quadrant
    hurry 10 point super

    useless shit

  • Samsung

    ooo common Galaxy S was ancient but I will ask you X10

  • Seuslightingx10

    O dont bother X10 10000bc it remember dinosaurs Some of dinosaurs cut head in SE that is way we go so goot phone !!

  • Mezm

    u clearly know nothing about phone imbasil

  • Ra

    please someone give me an answer?

    Does arc have secondary Camera for video calling?????????????????????????

  • arc

    No, it doesnt.

  • No matter how advance on ARC.. bravia engine.. Exmor Censor , but i think RAM is same as x10.. Only 384mb..
    else why they dun announce it to us?? And they do afraid to let the x10 user know tat actually they fooling x10 user that spec make x10 not able to upgrade to froyo but ARC can on 2.4… I started to feel that as a x10 user, i’m really lost my “believe” on this brand..

  • sp34k

    Was it just me or there wasn’t any indication that mediascape was going to be included with the Arc ? I love these kind of “ok-we-shot-ourselves-in-the-foot-there,-we-admit-it” move :)

  • sp34k

    Also btw, why are you calling the 8255 chip, “latest” ? it’s 2010q2 ffs ok it’s adreno 205, BUT we’re already starting 2011q1… shouldn’t these guys be working with those LATEST (2010q3 lol) dual cores adreno 220 ? just sum thoughts…..

  • Hotmial

    why bluetooth is only 2.1 not 3.0

    24mbit/s that will be extra!!!

  • Marco

    btw iphone 4 has 3.0 and this 2010 y phone

  • Marco
  • Seus

    ooo yes new root killer!!!

  • Splatt2k5

    not bad I wish i could trade my x10 with this one :(((

  • fact is fact

    getting the Arc means your getting the best out of Sony’s technology, and allow me to explain why:

    By having the new Arc you get an amazing exmor sensor from the Sony digital camera department. Also, you will get the brilliant bravia display which you can only get if you buy a Sony Bravia TV.

    And let’s not forget you will be getting the latest and greatest os from google just out of the box! So no need to worry anymore about having an older or outdated os. This phone is the best android phone till the moment, and I’m not speaking about the specs because I know that there are phones with higher specs, but I’m speaking about the sexy looks, the unique experience, the latest os and the remarkable camera with the best display ever you could get in a phone.

    Do you understand why Sony = make.believe

    Because they make the unthinkable into reality! Well done SE, you made me proud.

  • Se_sucks

    What latest os til it released then no updates ever? HTC all the way.

  • Anon

    The phone isn’t a frikin PC where you just take the latest and greatest CPU and slap it in. Extensive amounts of testing has to go in to make sure the rest of the hardware and the software play nice with it. SE have probably been working on this for quite a while now, so they simply can’t take a processor that will be released tomorrow and release the phone the day after that.

  • Anon

    Fucking fag thats probably the most they could cram in at that form factor. If you are so pleased with your SGS that it makes you cum then set it on vibrator and push it up ur a$$.
    Ha Ha yourself.

  • Anon

    These stupid bastards won’t be happy if everyone at SE came and licked their pussies.

  • Nitin

    Latest and greatest? Best? LMAO, superlatives should NOT be used when referring to SE. BEST? LASTEST? maybe pre- release. By the time it’s released, Android will have evolved and we’ll be on the brink of a new version, which Sony will in their usual fashion release a whole year late and will then call it curtains for this phone.

    Thats when silly cock suckers will come out of the wood work and say, “O, but they didn’t promise anything about updates”. Good hardware is no use with out the software to back it up.

    Made Timescape and mediascape optional, have they? That’s coz even they got it into their thick skulls that they fail at making a decent UI. Maybe they should take that a step further, unlock the Boot loader in the X10 and remove Timescape/ mediascape/ moxier.

    Liking a company is ok, but acting retarded about it is well, just retarded. That is one reason I never look @ Apple. The blind fan syndrome.

  • Nitin

    You got that right bro (unwittingly, I presume). It’s a “DESCENT” from industry standards.

  • fact is fact

    dude if you don’t like se handsets and your not convinced in the company’s progress, then please go get a life and be in a place your more interested in. It really makes me sad when I see people visiting places that makes them live in misery and pain, why torture your self? There are tons of other alternatives to go with.

    I don’t care about what you believe, I have my own believes and they are based on knowledge, reading and experience. SE made mistakes in the past like every other manufacture, but the future is brighter and better and phones like the Arc and the PS phone is the start and they already have 2.3 in board.

  • Nitin

    On the contrary, I’m getting a perverse pleasure out of watching this company blunder into one snafu after another. I have a nice cushy life. I’m amusing myself here.

    The icing on the cake is employees posing as blind fans misguiding people not familiar with this company’s modus operandi. The X10 is not a mistake. It’s a fuck up. A mistake would be deficient hardware. The fuck up is that it is perfectly capable, infact more capable (potentially) than half the smartphones in the market that have got froyo but SE like the fucktards they are, imo, have arbitrarily abandoned it without any concern for the people who put faith in them.

    They could open the bootloader, since they expressed, and rightly so, that they wont give froyo/ gingerbread but no matter, since the guys at XDA would probably cook up a better ROM, so why not help the XDA people along? Or why not just offer a vanilla OS upgrade? That isn’t too hard.

    But no, fucktards will be fucktards and it’s asking too much for them to change their ways, so yeah, I see similar outcomes for the Arc.

  • sp34k

    dude i’m talking Q3 here, it aint tomorrow… simply Q2 vs Q3 !! all of these 2010… seems to me someone slaking off!

  • sp34k

    hasn’t the htc desire hd got this processor already? didn’t htc release in october 2010 ? i’m having a lota fun bashing this one :D

  • Gs_dude

    512mb RAM not 384mb

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