Sony Ericsson confirms a number of Xperia arc features

by XB on 10th January 2011

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Xperia arcRikard Skoberg from the SE Product Blog has posted some additional information on the Xperia arc as well as posting his own video tour of the handset (we’ve also attached this below). The main new information includes the fact that the handsets showing Android 2.4 was an error and was due to a “misconfiguration in some samples”, as well as promising that the arc is in a good position to get Android updates in a timely manner.

Other confirmations include the fact that the handset does have an equalizer and that the display is definitely multi-touch (and not dual-touch). Four simultaneous touch inputs were tested to confirm this. The camera part of the phone will also get a working flash with four different modes (Auto, Fill-flash, Red-eye Reduction & Off.) However, having seen the size of the single LED flash on the handset we can’t imagine it will be any good for night shots, even with its Exmor R sensor. Click through for the video tour.

  • Luka

    Those bastards! X10 looks like a stone age piece of crap compared to this. :(

  • Lovi it… How much this will be in market?…

  • Tide

    its still a little bit laggy when he was pinching in, the widgets didnt move smoothly, more like a jitter. “sigh”, its almost like the x10, its gonna be laggy.

  • 1. No HSPA+ or LTE
    2. Slower of two single core cpu/gpu available today
    3. 1500 vs 1700 battery
    4. Cheap looking shiny plastic — I wipe my screen all the time, now I would have to do the phone too?
    5. 287 mb storage? Not even 1gb? At least it has 512mb ram!
    6. No unmount for the SD? You have to connect it to the PC when it’s sleeping?
    7. Still not full BT 3.0 and lacking latest object push

    Frankly it’s a 2010 phone. It’s gotta be cheap though, iphones for $50 on AT&T and even a captivate is under $200. Oh wait, they didn’t announce ANY carrier. So it’s going be EXPENSIVE, since AT&T is dropping all the SE phones they have by April. SE makes all the money…..and then doesn’t update to 3.0 citing hardware issues.

  • Mezm

    great phone x10 owners seething lol

  • it’s LAGGY. just like X10. don’t trust SE anymore.

  • S&N

    This is exactly what the Xperia X10 should have/could have been. At this point in the game SE has dig their own grave. The History of Bad and unfortunate customer service and lack of touch shown to all Xperia owners this past year is beyond comprehension. As we all know “karma is a bitch” and whatever you do here , you pay here…so SE good luck with this launch. I am sitting in front row.

  • Miguel Tavora

    The phone is still lagging If this is not fixed, I will not buy this phone!

  • zodiac

    I advise you all to take a close look at the Optimus 2x from LG. That phone in my opinion raises the bar for smartphones. One which this xperia arc falls quite a ways short of. It is really as someone else already posted, what the x10 should have been.
    I for one would not make the mistake again of buying a smartphone cos it looks nice. The optimus 2x might not look as good as the arc but it is light years ahead in all other aspects especially in performance due to its tegra 2 dual core processor.
    The arc would have made a superb 2010 phone but I fear it will be just an o.k 2011 phone with a pretty body. SE seem to stuck to this nonsense.
    This year I think the best buy from SE will be the successor to the mini pro.

  • Bobsmith

    I had to laugh. “Focus on design”. Indeed. Over functionality.

    Very FEW people are ever going to use HDMI compared to how many people will use it daily to listen to music on the way to work, yet let’s put the HDMI port in a nice accessible place and yet put the audio jack on the side, so you can’t easily slip it into the top pocket of your jacket. Congratulations. Sony you are fucking retarded! Arc? More like Xperia X10.5.

  • Anonymous

    Serioulsy guys? Don’t you know anything?
    It would not been possible to launch it before the very end of 2010 because all parts of it is the latest.
    You just dont seem to know anything. Just thinkink that dualcore must be great!!! yeah i want dualcore!!
    You dont even know the difference and you are starring at specifikations on a paper which you dont really know anything about. Wait for the reviews and we see…

  • Billy_piette

    I’m confused about something, and i hope someone can clear this up for me. okay this may be a dumb question but for some reason I’m getting mixed signals about this, does on-board memory in smart phones act as RAM?? or is there two separate systems?

  • Billy_piette


  • Lawrence

    I really want to set fire to the people at se.

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