Xperia arc’s display goes up against the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S

by XB on 11th January 2011

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Xperia arc versus other displaysOne of the big features that Sony Ericsson is pushing on the Xperia arc is the 4.2-inch Reality display. Having seen it in person it really does warrant much of the praise being bestowed upon it. However, the real question is how does it compare against two of the best smartphone displays currently on the market – the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S?

GSMArena was on hand to find that it had “more vibrant reds and greens” than the iPhone 4’s Retina display, but couldn’t match the contrast of the Super AMOLED display. However, the Xperia arc lost points given its poor viewing angles. They found that contrast quickly degrades as the viewing angle widens. Check out the test video after the break.

Via GSMArena.

  • Caifan

    The Bravia display engine really helps arc, and I’d say that’s the best feature in this new phone.

    The rest of the specs. are not great. This phone with a double-core processor and a Xenon Flash would be a killer phone, but is just like a Xperia X10 with some new things.

  • fact is fact

    since the other mentioned the downside of what gsmarena mentioned, I said to my self it would be nice to add the good part as well, this is what gsmarena asserted about the new Xperia Arc display :

    (In fact when looked at it from the best angle the XPERIA Arc display is certainly among the best screens on the market. It’s got more vibrant reds and greens than the iPhone 4 Retina display and in case you aren’t into much saturation you will probably prefer it over the Samsung SuperAMOLED screens too (though we still find Nokia’s ClearBlack screens to be the champion in color reproduction).

  • S&N

    Which one is which? The video title and the video stamping differ in the order from left to right…

  • Tide

    i dont know which one is which but i prefer the middle screen

  • Anonymous

    The Xperia arc is in the middle in the video. The iPhone 4 is on the left and the Samsung Galaxy S is on the right.

  • Gabriel

    Middle won totally! Even looking from the bottom, just like the side, it gave better contrast in all ways. How can GSM arena say it lost points?

  • sp34k

    agreed !

  • Anonymous

    It’s not like a X10 with just some new things.
    The processor is still 1 Ghz but a new core which is much more energy efficient and works faster. A real upgrade.
    The graphicaccelerator is also an updated one and a lot better than in X10
    The Camera is still 8mp but with a new lens which will make it a lot better
    More RAM memory
    Better display with new Bravia Screen which is also much more energy efficient
    HDMI out
    Android Gingerbread

    Well, after all everything is updated to the better and the batterytime will probably be improved, and still with 1500 MAh makes it to the best smartphone today when it comes to batterytime. GSMarena says 3 days of moderate use.
    With a dualcore it would be one day and still no apps are made for dualcore so its not so efficient for what it consumes in energy. Arc seems to be really great. Sadly i don’t have the money to afford it right now.

  • Anonymous

    By the way i dont understand it.
    If Arc is in the middle it seems to be much better, especially from strange angles.
    How can they say the arc lost it?

  • Anon

    You forgot to mention everyone’s favourite, multitouch!

  • Anonymous

    hehe yes, and i also forgot the Arc have an extra microphone which reduce the noice when you speak to somebody, thats good.

  • Common Guys
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