HDMI output demoed on the Xperia arc [Video]

by XB on 13th January 2011

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HDMI output demoed on the Xperia arcThe inclusion of (micro) HDMI ports in top-end smartphones will no doubt start to become common place. Sony Ericsson has included HDMI within the Xperia arc, which will allow you to mirror the activity of your phone onto a TV.

This has been demonstrated to great effect by the chaps over at TechBlog.gr, who have produced a video that shows an Xperia arc connected via HDMI and the output seen on the TV. They play a racing game, watch a snippet from a movie, browse webpages and watch YouTube videos. They also show the arc’s homescreen mirrored on the TV. Looks like a great addition to us, especially for media content. Check out the video below.

Via TechBlog.gr.

  • Davalex28

    Fuck SE

  • Looks nice but just seems a bit sluggish dunno its the phone or my internet connection crossing fingers that the sluggish ui is fixed before release

  • steve

    thats sealed it for me, upgrades in april so xperia arc is definitly it

  • Se-fools

    ok Se is a bitch but have to admit looking good. IN 512 mb of ram and 1 core processsor is very good
    my dual core with radeon hd 3650 sametimes struggles with hdmi connection
    As long as i concern many people will be

  • Se-fools

    Davalex28 [Moderator] Today 12:27 PM
    Fuck SE

    you become a bit borring man be a bit more creative !!!

  • Mezm

    wow thats kool upgrading in march maybe they have more announcements in february though cant wait selling my x10

  • Asad

    That guy is really bad at the racing game.

    Will the phone has 5.1 audio out via HDMI?

  • MK
  • Ekul

    I wonder if that latency is an issue with the phone’s output or the TV…
    Watch the difference between the screens when he makes a change on the phone.
    It’s no wonder he’s crashing into walls while racing when there’s that much delay on the HDMI display.

  • Common Guys
  • Coyote

    Well if anyone is thinking of upgrading to the Arc beware Sony Ericsson do not look after you once you have purchased their latest handset only expect Android updates for 6 months after purchase – you have been warned!

  • Knucklesdraggin

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