Xperia arc display compared to AMOLED, S-LCD and LCD

by XB on 16th January 2011

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Xperia arc display goes up against AMOLED, S-LCD and LCDFollowing on from the last video we showed you, where the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc’s display went up against the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S, we now have another video comparison. This time the arc is going up against three other screen technologies: AMOLED (HTC Desire), LCD (Xperia X10) and S-LCD (HTC HD7). conducted the test using white, black, red, green and blue colour samples, created in Photoshop. They then displayed the same colour comparing all four screens. For our money, it looks like the Xperia arc’s Bravia Engine won most of the tests apart from black/white, where AMOLED was the clear winner. Which screens do you think fared best? Check out the video after the break.


Thanks MK!

  • Oparedes81


  • I think the x10 and the arc are almost the same… I didnt see the major major improvements on the arc screen.. He he

  • Arpitkohli

    Amoled was the best followed by x10 then bravias nd then s-lcd

  • Asad

    Wow Amoled is excellent with black. Because it turns off the pixels when its black. where as the others were back illuminated so they look washed.

  • Lawrence

    The xperia looks better than the arc WHAT A FAIL

  • Agoago999

    Amoled win on black color , but Amoled SUCK on green , blue , red colors .

  • Anonymous

    The Arcs Bravia engine only works when showing video and photos. In menus its exactly the same as X10…

  • Well, good news for me, thanks!

  • viperman

    S-LCD  is joint venture between sony and samsung , it is not display type :)

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