Playstation Phone supports 32 simultaneous touch inputs

by XB on 17th January 2011

in Xperia PLAY

Playstation Phone supports 32 simultaneous touch inputsTalk about extremes, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 only supports single-touch input (at least for the time being), but its gaming successor, the Xperia Play (Playstation Phone) will support up to 32 simultaneous touch inputs. The Xperia Play uses a Cypress TrueTouch-digitizer (CY8CTMAxxx) according to the guys at TBGUS in their recent teardown. This may seem extreme considering the amount of digits you could realistically fit on a 4.2-inch screen, but it’s a nice dilemma to have coming from the X10.

Via Swedroid.

  • nach022

    Playstation or Arc?? they are not the same!

  • 522749912

    yeah,it’s X play

  • You wrote in the header about the Xperia Play (= “Playstation Phone”), you showed us a picture of that phone but in the text you’re writing about the Xperia arc. Which phone are you blogging about?

  • PeterL

    Huh? Which one is it, Arc or PsPhone or both?

  • Anonymous

    Oops sorry guys – post now corrected. However, thinking about it, I would guess that the arc probably has the same digitiser.

  • asd

    Swedroid doesn’t mention the Xperia Arc whatsoever in that article, so “its successor, the Xperia arc”, “4.2-inch screen”, and “coming from the X10.” are just errors by the author of this blog post.

  • asd

    Hehe, a few minutes too late :)

  • Jan

    I don’t have 32 fingers lol!

  • Ihorps
  • se1

    well done se u cant please the moaning fools so take tthe piss out of them haha love it

  • zeta91

    muy bien es interesante el tema blackmart alpha

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