Xperia arc – which colour is best? [Poll]

by XB on 24th January 2011

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Xperia arc
We recently came across some more photos of both colours (Midnight Blue and Misty Silver) of the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. Virgile Fontaine, who took the photos, works as a Technical Support Manager for Sony Ericsson in France.

Taking a look through the photos got us thinking about which colour we favour more. The Misty Silver has the edge for us but we wanted to pass this over to you and ask which colour you like best? Please vote in the poll below.

Which colour of the Xperia arc do you like best?

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Photos: Midnight Blue versus Misty Silver

Midnight Blue versus Misty Silver

Midnight Blue versus Misty Silver

Midnight Blue versus Misty Silver

Midnight Blue versus Misty Silver

Midnight Blue versus Misty Silver

  • lee

    I think I will take the Midnight Blue…..

  • Guest

    Can’t wait for the silver. This is gonna be my dream phone..

  • killua99

    I hate betaphone (X10) now I want this and I had a bad relationship with the X10 so … Now I undesatand when a woman said “I love him” “yes but, he hit you!!”

  • Ihorps

    Midnight Blue…

  • X10 White?

  • X10 white?

  • Asad

    My opinion is the silver colour phone is not real metal so to colour plastic that colour looks fake or imitaion. I dont like imitations so Blue it is for me

  • Wilby

    The Silver looks so “el cheapo gonna flake off anytime paint” and no Glosss = no sex appear! lol :) My vote for Midnight Blue (as much as I hate dark colours)

  • Wilby

    appear = appeal. When will they put in a Edit button to re-edit your own posts!

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  • Aldouz

    the midnight blue looks so much like x10 in black (at least in the picture), the silver doesnt help, but still i love this arc and vote for midnight blue eventhough it looks like a glossy black (in pic)

  • Nilsepils94

    i think the misty silver one looks better! it looks more high class because the black one is a bit cheapy

  • Nilsepils94

    they wont cause there’s no account so there’s no verifieng checker thingie

  • JDM

    make a white one and i’ll buy it!

  • this time i will took a silver one….
    i had a black X1, X2 and X10 and now it is time for a change :D

  • Vatz

    It should be an option to vote for “none of the above”, my favorite color is black (in general), but they ruin it with the glossy back and that blue tint.

  • Anonymous

    This was going to be an option, but in the end we wanted an overall winner. Even if you don’t like either, we wanted to know which one you preferred the most.

  • toche

    the silver is good but….it’d fed away wif time…so the black wins

  • The silver doesn’t really do it for me, but it sure is nice to have some options for colour other than just black! I was bummed and a wee bit jealous when my bf got his x10 mini with 2 extra backplates. *prays for a red option*

  • Shalu Mathuria

    4 me misty silver for sure :>

  • Christyanll

    azul é mais parecido com o x10 e poucos notarao ser outro fone (isso é bom).
    Por outro lado o prata tem a tampa fosca e deve sujar menos que aquele brilho azul.

  • silver

  • Nick

    i want it a full black.. :D
    because black looks good..and it doesnt look dirty..

  • Immy_89

    I am an xperia arc user… Fone is crisp smooth.. Just funtastic…

  • midnite blue:)

  • Shy_rom

    il go for the midnight blue

  • Iambold Imran

    Luv my midnyt blue…

  • Dikshant

    midnight blue is best because its a combo of light n dark blue colour shade at back side look very attractive!!!!
    BTW white is also good…!!!

  • I love it so much:) 5 stars:)

  • ..

    I really like the Midnight Blue one

  • zeta91

    el dispositivo es bastante bueno aunque se puede mejorar aqui gran hermano telecinco

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