Xperia arc gets lengthy video preview

by XB on 24th January 2011

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Xperia arcAs we get closer to the Xperia arc launch it seems like there are a vast number of handsets in bloggers hands giving new impressions of the handset on a daily basis. Today we have the guys over at Italian site who have given their eleven-minute hands-on impressions of the Xperia arc (the English video is attached below).

We get a walkthrough of both the hardware and software, including browser performance and camera functionality. We also get a glimpse of the DLNA app. What also comes clear from the video is the zippy performance of the UI. Check out the video below along with some other previews we came across (non-English though I’m afraid).

Thanks Rammstone!

  • Asad

    did anybody notice the screen was reflecting alot????

  • Hannah

    It’s a screen. Screens are smooth shiny surfaces. Sometimes, things reflect off them.

  • I am so loving the multi-touch UI demo in the 2nd video at about 1:20… drooling all over myself and not ashamed to admit it. I will have this phone if it ruins me.

  • Vipuljain48

    I think the phone is still not as dart as it should be. It still seems laggy.

  • I’m in the same boat. But unfortunately I don’t think Rogers is coming out with this phone this time around, so no subsidised prices. I’m still stuck in their shitty 3 year contract that I got with the X10 (and I don’t even have 3G where I live (Sask)). Luckily I managed to sell the X10 for $325 and am now waiting for this baby to come out, hoping it isn’t priced too high!

  • Topher

    Really pretty phone!… What about the USB port, will SE make some cover?

  • Topher

    Really pretty phone!… What about the USB port, will SE make some cover?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little disappointed to hear that Rogers won’t be carrying this phone. However, it’s still early, and they might make an announcement at some point. Additionally, I’m not really ready to be getting a new phone, though my spouse is looking to upgrade from the LG Shine to something a little more…2011. This was my #1 recommendation, but we might be stuck just getting another X10 for cheap…if we act soon.

    I’m in Southern Ontario, so I don’t have to worry much about 3G access unless I visit family where there is basically no cell service at all (still in Southern Ontario).

  • zodiac

    just so underwhelming. Maybe it’s because this time round I am not paying any attention to the design, just the software. Its seems rather jerky and laggy. A 2010 phone… no more no less

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