Xperia Play commercial/promo video leaks

by XB on 3rd February 2011

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Xperia Play commercial/promo video leaksWe’ve had so many leaks of the Xperia Play that you kind of wonder what’s left. How about the commercial for the handset? Norwegian site Droidnytt somehow managed to get hold of the video, which we’ve attached below.

The video is a short simple (if not dark) affair, but gets the message across loud and clear. Interestingly, when the video shows the handset at the end, there is a small ‘Playstation Certified’ logo on the top right. We imagine that the manufacturers who go through the process of getting their handsets certified will be able to use this logo, differentiating themselves as being optimised for the Playstation Suite for Android. Obviously none will be more optimised than the Xperia Play, check out the video below.

Xperia Play

Via Droidnytt.

  • Jan

    It reminds me a bit like playstation1 style commercial. These ones was printed in console gaming magazines.

  • Asad

    I like the mutant droid. thats funny.

  • Njfpolyr6

    lol….android with the thumb add-on surgery in underground market…..just to play game……lol

  • draft_life

    I would make the scene that the thumbs come out from each hands(?) of Android, then Android begins to play the game with Xperia Play pleasantly.
    It is significant to accent the evolution of Android. The evolution means what those thumbs come out.
    There is no means the thumbs which are stitched.

  • Jan

    Too much apples?

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