Which new Xperia do you like the best? [Poll]

by XB on 14th February 2011

in Xperia arc, Xperia Neo, Xperia PLAY, Xperia Pro

2011 Xperia rangeSony Ericsson is set to launch four new Xperia smartphones in the next few months, each targeting a different segment of the market. The Xperia arc is the undeniable beauty of the bunch, the Xperia Play will continue to grab headlines as the first dedicated Android gaming phone, the Xperia Neo is a great all rounder, whilst the Xperia Pro adds a keyboard for those text-heavy junkies.

Our poll for today is asking which new Xperia are you most pining over? You’ll notice we haven’t included a ‘none of the above’ option in the poll as we want to know which you would pick if you had to from these four only. If you’re stuck in trying to decide, you may want to check out Virgile Fontaine’s pictures of all four handsets side-by-side below.

Which new Xperia do you like best/are most likely to get?

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Photos: 2011 Xperia range side-by-side

2011 Xperia range

2011 Xperia range

2011 Xperia range

2011 Xperia range

2011 Xperia range

  • Limper

    Getting the play, because i am a playstation freak.
    But like the shape and look on the arc better. don’t like the rounded theme they got going on the rest.

  • battila.hu

    Xperia Pro

  • Ihorps

    Xperia Arc

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  • Nilsepils94

    PRO is firetruckin’ ugly neo is something better but still not there. the XPERIA PLAY isn’t the best looking but is has a firetruckin’ playstation in it, and the ARC is firetruckin’ gorgeous :D don’t know which one I would buy if I would

  • Shame you didn’t do a ‘None of the above’ because after the SE débacle with the X10, if SE was the only manufacturer I’d do without a phone.

  • Asad

    ever wondered why SE havent wrote 8.1 mega pixel on the new phones? I think its because they can ramp it up to 16MP and 1080p

  • Fredde

    Why are you here if you don’t like the phones??

  • Whats weird is that they gave all the phones a front facing camera but the Arc. I dont care cuz i dont do all that, but i find it weird. Im going for that Arc

  • =NoXiouS=

    I want the X10 with Sorry Errorsson supported 2.3…

  • Magicmarinac

    ha ha ha…the 16 mpx phone is comming before 3 mounth in Japan from Sony Ericsson!!!!

  • kamm

    When you stop fucking removing 1700 AWS band from the firmware – it’s there in EVERY Qualcomm platform, you dirtbags! – you will get my money again…

    …until then nobody gives a sh!t about your phones in the US, idiots.

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  • pro is not ugly, i have it and it is much more beautiful when you hold it in your hand!

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