Xperia PLAY coming to Verizon and Rogers in North America

by XB on 14th February 2011

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Xperia PLAY coming to Verizon and Rogers in North AmericaSony Ericsson plans to launch the Xperia PLAY exclusively with Verizon in the US and Rogers in Canada during spring 2011. Whilst there are no details on the other handsets being scooped up by US carriers, Rogers confirmed that they will also be stocking the Xperia arc.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Xperia arc turn up at AT&T in the US at some point, especially as it carried the Xperia X10 (shortly reaching EOL). Sony Ericsson is looking at a global launch for the Xperia Play and the move to launch in the US in March/April was one of the surprises in yesterday’s conference. There are no details on pricing from either carrier, but we’ll keep you posted with any updates.

  • Its better to be at Verizon since they actually release updates

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  • Stan S.

    we’ll need a tear down to be sure, but it seems that the Play will have one of those chips (like the verizon iphone) that support either CDMA or GSM. We can hope that a jailbreak (or aggressive placement by SE) will bring it to Sprint (so my nephew can have one). I can’t imagine that SE would really make a handset with different hardware though in the past they have left features out of some builds, such as front facing cameras in different markets.

    The pricing is unrealistic as with the NGP coming at some point; that will be a direct competitor, and while the NGP is certainly going to be expensive with it’s multi-core processor, how much more than a PS3 can it really cost? I think everyone is overestimating what consumers are willing to pay. The new batch of tablets are coming in priced way over a standard iPad and even with an iPad 2 coming historically Apple usually doesn’t raise the price points without something really compelling. Forums that I follow like TabletPC all have people who want sub $800 tablets, yet we’re seeing $800 and up pricing at CES and MCW. Is there still a market for a $600+ no contract phone? If the PS3 is $299, how much can a NGP really go over $400 – is it going to be $1,000? The first PSP’s (some say) slower sales was due to high pricing compared to Nintendo. And if the NGP is at that price point (and might need a data plan), can the Xperia Play really be $800 based on the 546 UK suggested price? Is it worth as much as a 3g+wifi 32Gb iPad or a 64Gb iTouch?

    The Arc, Neo and Pro will show up certainly at $150-250 for a while (before falling lower) on contract, but a Play with contract for $299-399? Is it worth it without HSPDA+ or at least a 1.2ghz core for a bit more future proofing? Is the Pro or Neo worth $640 without a contract? They are certainly a upgrade over the X10’s I have in my plan, but without subsidy which I won’t get until Sept 2012, I’m not going to buy it.

    Finally, in the US it is legal to jailbreak your phone (and IMHO only time before some lawyer convinces a court to extend this to other devices such as gaming consoles), what kind of preventive measures do you think SE will put in place?

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