New Xperia Play promo video emphasises gaming on the move

by XB on 15th February 2011

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Xperia PLAY Bruce LeeSony Ericsson has released a new promotional video for the Xperia PLAY. Whilst the previous video was a bit abstract (and creepy), this new one-minute video highlights exactly what the Xperia PLAY is all about – gaming.

It showcases a number of games (including The Sims, FIFA 10, Asphalt Racing and Dungeon Defenders) and different scenarios when you could be playing (including on the way to work and when stuck in traffic or in a queue). If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also attached five additional videos where the game developers give us a quick walkthrough their games (Bruce Lee, Dungeon Defenders, FIFA 10, Galaxy on Fire 2 and Gun Brothers) on the Xperia PLAY.

  • Adam

    Why FIFA 10 not FIFA 11? What really disappoints me is that we are still seeing phone quality games, not PSP quality games or better.

    I expected to see deeper games for the XPERIA play, but if I want that, I am just going to have to rely on PS1 classics, and I won’t even be able to take those from what I already downloaded for my PSP

    I really feel SE have missed a trick here, Sony have (in my opinion) the best game developers and they don’t really seem to be leveraging these resources here, it is just a normal phone with hard controls. It is a good start, but hopefully they will come out with something better by the time my contract expires

  • phone quality games on a phone? shocking

  • Jason X

    this a cel phone man…not PSP or NGP or NINTENDO 3DS, if you want a video game, buy it. For a simple phone i think the games are great, because i’m gonna use the phone to make and receive call and not for play all day…

  • Robertmallare

    He’s just saying that Xperia Play is meant to be on the top for Android gaming. As far as I can see, That Bruce Lee game and Dungeon defenders are kinda laggy for the Xperia Play. Xperia Play is meant to give us an exceptional experience when it comes to games but as far as I can see, Its just a phone with “PSP go” style buttons. NOTHING SPECIAL.

    PS: Xperia Arc’s specs are so last year. 512 MB RAM??? come on!

  • Knuckles

    it feels like you’ve missed the point.

    all the xperia play games are based on the new Sony’s Android SDK. it will be not that hard for developers to port any PSP game to xperia play, (including the ones from the next-gen console by Sony – NGP) since the gaming SDK included is the new standart one. at the end of the day, it’s meant to be just one SDK and one game marketplace by Sony for all the compatible devices, android-based or not.

    so, sdk is bringing new horizons to existing PSP-based gamemakers. and I have no doubt that all the major developers are already porting their games. low costs, high profits – why not?

  • Adam

    Precisely, I can get the fairly rubbish phone games on my phone, I want better games so I don’t also have to carry my PSP around, or my NPG when I get one of those.

    I don’t expect it to compete with an NPG, just to be better than an XPERIA arc (eg) for playing games beyond just the hard controls

  • kamm

    AWFUL ads, just AWFUL, all of them – whoever is responsible for approving these should be immediately FIRED.

    1. Who hired these ugly, lame-looking, awfully-dressed, cheesy fake-hip actors? This is what Japanese imagine as ‘cool’ in Europe or America? Newsflash; THEY ARE NOT. They are really cheesy, let alone most of them flat-out UGLY.

    2. Did anyone ever spent a minute thinking about what you’re suggesting? Who the fuck would suggest to play a game while waiting for green light, much lees a racing game??? Are you really this stupid fucktards, all of you, at SE?

    3. Do you realize we cannot see sh!t from the games or graphics? Absolute f*ckin’ waste of money, all of these lame crap ads, I’m telling you.

  • giorsat

    I have a x10 mini and the call drops every few seconds with vodafone italy, my operator. So I sent the phone twice to the customer care and it still gave me the problem. Then I bought a x8 thinking it could be just a single problem. It has the same problem of x10. Here in Italy , sony ericsson experia phones drop the call with tim and vodafone after a few seconds… DON’t Buy experia cell phones if you stay in Italy. You have no assistance whatsoever from sony and you get a useless phone!

  • CaNaDiAn

    Playing games while operating vehicle is so wrong.

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