Great demo shows off Exmor R’s low light camera abilities [Video]

by XB on 16th February 2011

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Exmor RSony Ericsson has really been pushing its camera technology with the latest Xperia smartphones. The Xperia arc, Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro will all ship with an 8.1MP Exmor R sensor, with one of the highlights being increased sensitivity under low-light conditions. SE has a very good demonstration of this at MWC, where they have closed boxes with a small hole at the front. You can then use one of the Xperia handsets to see what’s inside the box.

The Exmor R sensor makes easy work of the dark and you can easily see the object inside. People are then invited to use their own handsets (an Xperia X10 is used in the video below) to show that other phones can’t match the Exmor R with only a black image displayed. Check out the video below and another of a night fountain display in Barcelona taken by the Xperia arc.

Via SE Product Blog.


    Nice way to rub X10 owners faces in it even further Sony! You really do hate us don’t you?

  • Anonymous

    The X10 is one year old. Do you want Sony Ericsson to add a HDMI out for your x10?

  • Anonymous

    The videoshot of the water is just amazing …that autofocus works insane, great job!

  • wow thats really amazing

  • PLarsen

    What I think he meant, was that in the demo-video. They took a Xperia X10 to demostrate how good the Exmor really is. I also think that the should have taken a iPhone or a Galaxy S and not the product as many bought and disliked

  • Gs_dude

    I think the reason they did that is to show people that there is plenty of reason to upgrade from an X10 to an Arc, otherwise people would just stick with their X10’s because on paper the Arc isn’t a great leap forward hardware-wise

  • Jan

    They should try iPhone 4 defineatly. This is better example for many reasons..

  • Think Net

    I dont have any thing to SE but i thing xamor wont be enough competition are already better motorola atrix and lg optimus 3d are far better with a dual core processor.

  • Darwell

    I fucking hate mobile phones… Bought a new X10 6 months ago, it was one of the most expensive phones in the market, and now, there’s a new ones which make you feel like you have shit in your pocket :(

  • Dhbhde

    Exmor R technology works on innovative way rearranging the position of light receptor and wire circuits. This actually leads to absolutely excellent picture quality even in low light.

  • Dhbhde

    The video on you tube also shows the difference using Xperia Arc (Exmor R) & Apple iPhone.

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