SE promises Android 2.4 to hit new Xperia handsets first

by XB on 16th February 2011

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Android 2.4Sony Ericsson representatives have told Fudzilla that they expect the Xperia PLAY to be the first (or one of the first) handsets to ship Android 2.4. It appears as if they company are determined to reverse mistakes made with the X10 line and the lengthy delays in between updates. Android 2.4 may even already be in testing judging from a previous leak, although the company rebutted this, saying it was a misconfiguration.

SE plans to make sure the entire new Xperia line-up will get Android 2.4 from day one (or near enough). They also said that the Xperia PLAY will ship with five games when it launches in March, with football and car games taking priority. We will be posting our hands on impressions of the device later this week.

  • Dparenteau78

    This might be all and well because Sony had talks with Google about the new Os. The true test will be the next update. Might not decide on a new sony device

  • Dparenteau78

    Sorry I would like to edit my comment from above, this might really help me on picking up a new Sony device. If they have the newest OS and they launch before the galaxy S 2 which will take forever to get here… And if its under 600 US.

  • Avoid Sony.

    They dropped current Xperia owners in the cold. will do same with new handset

    go samsung or HTC, companies that value customers

  • Amolmore

    Going to get Xperia Arc so wish it has Android2.4

  • Ahmad

    All of this have happened before, it may happen again.

  • Ex Fan Boy

    Easiest way to prove their intentions would be to update the X10 to 2.3. Anything else is simply empty promises and speculation. I was a sony fanboy but now have been burned.

  • ohdenny

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Nilsepils94

    LULZ AT THAT xD samsung and HTC fail at updates too! BAD samsung galaxy s was on 2.1 and got 2.2 after 1 YEAR 2.3 probs won’t even be there! HTC hasn’t given the Desire HD (their flagship) android 2.3 so that’s a fail too, i would go for a google nexus S (wich is samsung I know but they don’t deliver the updates) or an iPhone 4/5

  • kamm

    Nobody fuckin believes you, lying sack of Japanese dirtbags. You lie and lie, constantly.

  • Asd

    Wow, great! Another reason to get an Arc or a Neo ;)

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  • After seeing Samsung Galaxy s2, i wonder Y should i get an Arc, even with its exmor R’s….

  • Going to be getting Xperia play i think was going to get the Arc, great news HTC is still on 2.2 SE will be way ahead feel sorry for the X10 seethers i guess you can still get XDA to help you hehe

  • sony ericsson is swedish/japanese :)

  • lee

    Very hard to believe. Once bitten, twice shy………….

  • Micheal Archer

    I don’t think I would call the current X10 users “seethers”. They (We) bought the phone expecting it to be the leading SE phone (which it was…and technically still is). SE, however, sold it as a way of doing a test run for their future devices. So…current X10 users were guinea pigs so SE could learn how to work with Android and what Android users felt was important so they could fix those issues with the next handsets. However, as a way of saying “Thank you” to their test subjects, they have essentially ended all updates after less than one year of the handset hitting the market. The biggest complainers are those who are still stuck on Android 1.6 (America), while those on 2.1 have moved on to other complaints (like no 2.2 or 2.3, or no multi-touch).

    Personally, 2.1 is fine, though more recent versions have some desirable traits. Multi-touch is coming (dual-touch, technically) in the near future. Once SE stops providing useful updates and once XDA has a fully-functional system, I might start getting my updates from them. Until then, I’ll be happy with my X10 (until I can afford to replace it).

  • giorsat

    I have a x10 mini and the call drops every few seconds with vodafone italy, my operator. So I sent the phone twice to the customer care and it still gave me the problem. Then I bought a x8 thinking it could be just a single problem. It has the same problem of x10. Here in Italy , sony ericsson experia phones drop the call with tim and vodafone after a few seconds… DON’t Buy experia cell phones if you stay in Italy. You have no assistance whatsoever from sony and you get a useless phone!

  • And SE dropped Xperia X10I users on 2.1
    Xperia got 1 update on OS
    the big update everyone wants is 2.2 (Froyo) with improved performance and app2sd. “.3 is not the same kind of upgrade. it’s nice and neat, but not as big an impovement as 2.2

  • EX_SE_FANs

    be carefull.., SE try to fooled us again…

  • draft_life

    How much are the games? I think nobody will not pay the games over 5$. Because they are only retro games. A game is 1$ or 2$. this price is fair.

  • draft_life

    Sorry for mistake.
    I think nobody will pay the games over 5$.

  • they never promised 2.2 for the x10 how many times do you need to be told

  • Not at all X10 didnt expect updates to be a ‘must for SE customers they never promised 2.2 thats a fact. Look at the htc desire still on2.2 you dont see their customers complaining. SE customers are used to Se producting high quality they expect the best and first from SE everytime which is not always possible. Such impatience and needless seething over an update is just mindless.

    Its fed by sites like this with the reporter feeding negativity into SE customers thinking they are losing out when infact its not much different from the others now SE are ahead and heading for 2.4 SE customers will never be happy typical

  • CaNaDiAn

    As an X10 owner, I have been decieved numerous times. Two glowing examples of such deception are:
    1) Promise of 2 years of Android Updates and support from Sorry Errorsson.
    2) Sorry Errorsson claims X10 Hardware not capable of running Dual/Multi Touch.
    The day my X10 is out of warranty, I will root and mod it with all the best stuff from XDA Dev.’s
    The only way I would ever trust Sorry Errorsson again is if they release a modified 2.3 for X10 series.

  • Shiny

    Don’t trust sony anymore ……

  • NoXiouS

    @ Michael Archer “SE, however, sold it as a way of doing a test run for their future devices. So…current X10 users were guinea pigs”
    I think it’s more like S.E. had to get it out, had no clue what it was capable of or how complicated it would be and just plain got in over their heads. The “Scape Brothers” (Time/Media) suck too much battery and too much processor and…well…Basically they just suck overall and many free apps are way better.

    Putting at least 2.2 on Handset is VITAL! App to sd is the only way I can enjoy new apps without deleting others. My C.S.P. has an appointment with me and we will make some changes. Seems when you’re ready to bail on them, they listen and offer. I have a history with them that goes back to when you paid $1,000 (CDN)for a 6 pound “Brick” that could only make calls and store 50 numbers.

    The Xperia X10 in it’s current form is not capable of allowing me to use my communications contract to the intended level of service at signing. Other devices are capable that run on 2.2/2.3 and I can bounce. I encourage other Xperia owners to explore your service contracts and talk to your service providers about options based on hardware manufacturer errors!

  • NoXiouS

    Please reconsider given the information available.
    Arc and Play will both have tons of S.E. bloatware and be slow to update.
    S.E. could fix the current Xperia line with a modified 2.3 but 9 plus million owners don’t seem to mean much to them. Get a Dual Core phone with heaps of on board memory and you will be far happier.

  • NoXiouS

    I concur. Unless S.E. updates Xperia X10 (So called Flagship) devices to Android 2.3, I will not buy any of their afilliated stuff for years to come! No Vaio Laptops(2@$1.5K+), 3D Surround Systems($3k+), No phones($1K 2yr), NOTHING! My old K790 Cybershot phone was the most fantastic device! Native 3.2 MP Camera, On Board FM Tuner, Xenon Flash, 3G/HSDPA, BT, IR. Everything except WiFi and Touch.

  • NoXiouS

    You’re kidding right?

  • fjwioö

    Focus your SonyEricsson Xperia X10 was the first Sony Ericsson mobile android

  • slim

    Well, ain’t no 2.4 update there yet!!!!

  • xperia fans club

    to bull shit comment:
    dun bull shit here if u unlike SE…. throw away it or burn in the fire as well…. and fuck off here at once!!!

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