Geohot to hack Xperia Play following PS3 jailbreaking

by XB on 21st February 2011

in Firmware, Xperia PLAY

geohotFor those that may or may not know, Geohot (real name George Hotz) has made a name for himself by jailbreaking the Playstation 3. So much so, that he is currently being sued by Sony. In retaliation, he has now said that he wants to be first in line when the Xperia Play is released, so that he can use it to its full potential.

In a blog post, he asked for support for his legal battles as well as saying that he was itching to get his hands “on the Next GEOHOT Project.” This can only be good news for users if he manages to somehow crack the infamously tough Sony Ericsson bootloader. We’ll be following his efforts with great interest.

  • Hope he will succeed

  • what an ass hope he gets locked up hopefully se can find a way to brick those users phones if he succeeds like they are attemptin to the ps3 hackers

  • Where has he mentioned the Xperia Play? I couldn’t find it sorry..

  • Anonymous


    It is under the section “Why should I trust you? I just saw you trying to rap battle Sony”

  • Piracy is a crime. This blog should not be doing advertising on this subject…

  • Asad

    Thats excellent news. When I have purchased a product I can do what I want with its because its now MINE and not sony’s. So whats wrong with me hacking its. I have already paid them. GEOHOT is gonna help use achive this

  • Nilsepils

    trust me HE WILL :D

  • Another simpleton who somehow thinks hacking is synonymous to piracy.

  • No, i do not think that but obviously that will be the result, do not be naive…

  • Anonymous

    It’s already yours true, but when ever you break it or make it nonfunctional you will give it back to Sony right? So, it makes sense that the manufacturer will prevent such foolishness from the users to protect them and help serve them better in the future.

    Don’t get me wrong I also like jail breaking, I’m just trying to explain for you why some companies prevent it.

  • this site is to promote customisation mainly and slate sony ericsson so what do you expect

  • El-Raza

    This is not about piracy. It is about the right to use your property the way you see fit. More specifically: about the right to run the software that you like, want or need on the hardware that you bought with your own money, without having to stick up with the (often severly limited and buggy) software from the manufacturer. It is about freedom.

    There are other (and better) ways to prevent piracy than by locking down devices, especially in this age with ubiquitous connection to the Internet.

    A good authentication system together with opening up the bootloader would only make those Android devices much more awesome.

  • Steel

    Totally agreed.Many devices doesn’t come at their full potential “as they are” for example , what would be of us without thousands of old NES, SNES, and Arcade ROMS in our PSPs? what about the homebrew apps ? Customizing our own devices with new functions is awesome! It’s not just like changing your wallpaper or desktop theme, is actually ENABLING them to do things that you can’t imagine and that really rocks.

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  • Aspen

    That is Great…

  • Mario

    this is not a piracy, he just wants to crack boot loader to get a full potential of the cell. Sony is just pissed of, that he hacked PS3 so they blame him from piracy. He don’t steal any programs or make illegal copies, he just allow us to use our xperias as we wish…..

  • Bling Bling

    dink smell

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