Japanese Xperia arc to come with 1GB ROM?

by XB on 1st March 2011

in Xperia arc

Size mattersSony Ericsson is making its best effort to confuse us regarding the internal memory specification of the Xperia arc. We know that the handset has 512MB of RAM, something that we’re not disputing. However, we can’t say the same over the ROM (internal memory).

Three different official Sony Ericsson websites list three different memory configurations. The official product page says it will come with 320MB of memory, whilst the white paper (and initial press release) points to 512MB of memory. To muddy the waters even further, the Japanese version of the Xperia arc (SO-01C), is listed as having a 1GB ROM (inline with the Xperia X10).

Now we don’t know whether multiple hardware versions are planned (unlikely in our view), so we may have to wait until the hardware is released to determine exactly what we are getting.

Thanks Joe!

  • We will only find out after it’s release……

  • Xnostra

    I just want one quick!! I have been waiting for this for a while!! I wonder hat type of sim card it will come with??

  • Asad

    1gb rom essential in my opinion. HTC desire has very little rom and if you dont install to SD you run out of space very quickly. Cant say the same with X10. I have never run out of space and we cant even install to SD (with stock firmware that is)

  • i think it will have 1GB Rom on all countries….

    they just talk about a average free space of 512MB and a real free space of 320MB…. however we will have Apps2SD and for apps not supporting this 320MB will be enough space

  • This sounds like the same confusion that existed when the X10 was launched. Did it have a gig or 8 gig of internal storage? With the #Captivate having 16G internal storage and coming with a 16G card on top of that, what a disappointment the #X10 was with only 1G and 2G SD. Again, this is one of the reasons that the Captivate was and still is such a hot item on #AT&T compared to the X10. So, yes, hardware matters.

    I hope that #SE puts in AT LEAST 1G, as many have pointed out, after the carriers put in the software they want to promote, there’s only a few hundred mb left with the X10 today and the carriers like to make it difficult to remove their software so putting it on a sd card that can be easily swapped or formatted will not be in the cards, IMHO. With games such as Angry Birds asking for 15mb, storage is a urgent necessity. We can expect larger and larger software programs to come out as our phones become more powerful. Even with Apps2SD, internal storage will still be faster in most cases (and the app always available), and don’t you have the right to have 5,000 songs or a few hours of vacation video shots on the SD card you bought?

  • how bout you just wait till the phones released and stop writing these posts to confuse consumers pointless

  • Anonymous

    The Arc I played with today at the Docomo store only had 200MB of free ROM.

    Also, the store’s listing for it lists ROM as “Undetermined”

  • Playme

    Both phones have the same RAM and ROM in all countries.
    RAM is 512, ROM is 1Gb.
    *User free memory is up to 320mb of the 1Gb ROM, depending on what the operator customizes in or out.

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  • MAB

    ROM? Read only memory, the memory that can’t be changed in any way . . . . what is the point in that – 1Mb or 1Gb it would be totally pointless!!!! I would be more interested in the flash memory.

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