Sony Ericsson CEO: At least four new Xperia phones to be unveiled in 2011

by XB on 1st March 2011

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XperiaSony Ericsson expects to launch the Xperia arc, Xperia Play and Xperia Neo during Q1, whilst the Xperia Pro will launch at some point in Q2. However, Sony Ericsson’s Chief Executive, Bert Nordberg, has revealed that in addition to these, the company plans to announce at least four new handsets by the end of the year. Whilst no details were given, he confirmed that all eight devices will be made available in the US.

If we had to guess, we would expect the new handsets to launch in the second-half of the year and rumours suggest this will include the update to the popular X10 mini range plus a new flagship (possibly dual-core).

Nordberg expects that new handset launches will increasingly be sold in the US first in an effort to increase market share. The US currently represents 45% of the Android market currently. He is targeting a long-term global Android market share of 25 percent, up from 14 percent currently. “The epicentre of the mobile industry has moved to the West Coast of the U.S. When I grew up, it was a European industry,” Nordberg said.

“The market has changed. We see a lot of our products being rolled out in the U.S. first, or in parallel when we roll it out on the global market, which is a change for this company. It has always come later in the U.S. previously. That’s a change which required us to invest,” Nordberg said.

To build market share the company is investing heavily in software developers both in the US and China. The company has tripled development staff in California to 300 in the past year whilst those in Beijing are now at 1,600, up by 60 percent.

He also went on to confirm that the Xperia Play will launch in April in the US, whilst the Chinese launch will follow three months later. All eight devices are expected to be available in China through the W-CDMA network of China United Network Communications during 2011.

Via Businessweek.

  • The Xperia arc’s not even out as the new flagship and SE is already thinking about releasing a NEW (dual-core) one? And they intend to release it THIS year? That’s a new low, even for Sony Ericsson.

  • Anonymous

    That is our speculation only, we have no idea what Sony Ericsson plans to launch at this stage.

  • Asad

    well at least they are telling us there gonna launch some more phones so we cant complain when they launch a new flagship (we have been warned already) so if you plan to spend some serious money on a new SE handset take in to consideration what is still to come

  • Clockwork

    So I should skip the Arc and just wait is what I’m understanding…

  • well, Sony is working on a PlayStation tab, perhaps thats one, arc with 1 gb rom ummmm two? look the thing is the phones are not as powerful as the competitors phones, the CEO had no choice but to say there is more coming to keep the investors interested in the company.

    but i think they looked at our comments and disapointed we were with the specs, that SE surprisingly is perhaps acting quick in fixing and coming up with newer phones. SANYO, yes SANYO is going to 2.2 on their 600 mhz phones, but the x10 can’t? it will be interesting to see what happens to this company, newer phones strategy vs support to older phones. mh……

  • MK
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  • are they not allowed to realise new phones? htc release new phones all the time don’t see their customers complaining if you really are obsessed with having the latest phone and you cant handle choice i suggest you go speak with steve jobs, thanks.

  • Guys…
    Stop rushing behind SE ..
    Have a look here

    SE treats their customers like filthy craps… Got enough .. I have a $700 worth Brick with me called x10.

  • Oparedes81

    The US currently represents 45% of the Android market currently. He (Sony Ericsson’s Chief Executive Bert Nordberg) is targeting a long-term global Android market share of 25 percent, up from 14 percent currently. “The epicentre of the mobile industry has moved to the West Coast of the U.S.

    I wonder how old this information is. I mean they must have known about this when Android started to blow up, especially in the U.S. right?! So why in the hell you don’t support ALL X10 owners, especially us here who are stuck in 1.6 with At&t. I love my phone(x10a) but I just wish I had some things done to it so it can run smoother with NO BUGS. I mean even the Live View should’ve been 1.6 compatible. So like Clockwork said should we skip the Arc and get the next big thing from Sony like the 17.7 MP duocore handset they are planning. I’m in California and I’d like to know exactly who are these developers that they supposedly hired. Maaybe they can get the inside of unlocking the bootloader :). Just saying

  • Micheal Archer

    SE’s product pages have gone live for the arc and Play.


    and here:

    The Play page is far more fun than the arc page from my brief browsings.

  • Mahi Dhoonii

    When se are saying this believe me guys they are damn serious this time …… are the four handsets which they probably launch around Q3..
    Dual core phone (xperia duo)
    16 mp camera phone with pico projector (xperia n46)/egalo …same design as xperia arc
    Xperia play 2 with side sliding gaming keys
    Xperia play tablet
    I read it from some website which had leaked whitepapers……why se always get thier info leaked ………they should learn something from apple…..

  • IF they put the devs in california, it’s to be close to Sony developers in Japan and the gaming community. The Play is not a PS3 or even a PSP/PSP2 and there are compromises to make. Probably have a team to help convert to Play. Dollars to donuts, it has nothing to do with firmware.

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  • Ashu

    Sony Ericsson people have any common sense?

    I had brought new Sony Ericsson Xperia 2 phone just 3 months old and it was in service center almost 2 months,

    First time they took almost one month, again I gave it for service on March 09th now they are saying I will get my handset on March 30th, no proper response, u peoples behaving like we are FOOL to buy ur product.

    Even u peoples can’t give me any standby phone or

    When u people can’t give customer support? Then why ur marking ur product in Indian market?

    How govt of India and ministry allowing u people do business in India

    Whoever I spoken in the customer care, they always saying they are superior, then how many CEO are in Sony Ericsson?

    Work Order No : SE311SS210493

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