Xperia Play in stock on eBay US; first pics of retail packaging

by XB on 9th March 2011

in Xperia PLAY

Xperia PlayAt least two listings for the Xperia Play have appeared on eBay USA with stock in hand. It appears both sellers actually won the handset at the GDC conference in San Francisco last week and are looking to make a mint by selling it before it hits general availability.

The first listing, which as of writing ends in 12 hours, is currently going for $810, whilst the second auction (expiring in four days time) is going for $580. The Xperia Play is due to launch with Verizon first and may head to other carriers down the line. It looks like the versions being sold are the European GSM version, which means compatibility with AT&T and T-Mobile with Edge speeds only. The listings also gives us a first look at the retail packaging of the Xperia Play, check them out below.

Xperia Play

Xperia Play

Xperia Play

Xperia Play

Via Phandroid.

  • Raiden

    First, nice toy, but i prefer the Arc for the design.

  • SE is some promoter. At the GDC conference, Google/Samsung gave Nexus or Xoom to everyone who attended a presentation, at least several hundred. SE gave 1 Play away each day at 3pm and you had to be present. I wonder if one of the reasons that the Play wasn’t chosen as a Google Device was more due to their being cheap, after all, unlike the rest of the Xperia line it DOES have the standard 4 Android buttons.

    But anyway even though these guys got something ‘rare’ they don’t want it. Just like the SonyStyle store employees who gave away/sold X10’s last year that they were given.

  • Congratulations to the developers who are selling these. One already gone for $980 US and two more to go. One’s at $1,025.00 and the other at $2,025.00 — you’ll be able to buy a good phone since this is all profit. Don’t forget since it’s IRS tax season all income over $600 has to be reported, to report your ebay online income on a 1040 with a new 1099 K form new for 2011-12 taxes.

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