Playstation Suite headed to Tegra-powered phones

by XB on 11th March 2011

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Playstation Suite headed to Tegra-powered phonesWe already know that the Playstation Suite will be available to Playstation Certified mobiles like the Xperia PLAY. Now Nvidia has gone on record to announce (hardware) compatibility with upcoming Tegra 2 powered smartphones. It also mentioned that certain PSOne classics like Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, and Syphon Filter will be making their way onto the Playstation Suite.

We suspect that Sony (or Sony Ericsson) may have plans for Tegra 2 products (either tablets or smartphones) at some point down the road. This announcement highlights that we may just see a Tegra 2 powered Xperia Playstation Certified smartphone in the not too distant future.

Playstation Suite headed to Tegra-powered phones

Via Engadget.

  • So in other words this makes it no point in buying the Arc?

  • Jeshurun

    My thoughts exactly!

  • Snehal

    i was thinkin of buyin arc :) any way no point in buyin arc!! :D i’ll stick with iApple :)

  • Snehal Thx

    Sony!! Learn From Past Mistakes by Looking at Last Year’s Calendar!! ma humble request go thru all SE forums :)
    bastards!! :D

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