Resume play function demoed on the Xperia PLAY [Video]

by XB on 16th March 2011

in Videos, Xperia PLAY

Resume play function demoed on the Xperia PLAYOne of the essential features of any mobile gaming system is being able to stop the game at any point without having to start again. We have come across a video that shows this resume play feature on the Xperia PLAY.

The game being played was Crash Bandicoot, when hitting the home button the game enters background pause. A quick swipe down of the notification bar can bring the game back at any point. Check out how it works in practice in the video below.

  • Warmgun32

    Should be FULL SCREEN

    Hope this is not the case for all the games going forward. Not really into games that much, but one thing I know is that gamers are finicky buggers.

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