Xperia arc goes head-to-head with Nokia N8 in video recording test

by XB on 20th March 2011

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Xperia arc goes head-to-head with Nokia N8The Nokia N8 is widely regarded as one of the best (if not the best) camera phones on the market. In the video below, the Dutch folk over at BesteProduct have compared the Nokia N8’s video recording abilities directly against the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc.

It looks like they used both phones to shoot the same scenes and then spliced the video together to get a sense of which was better. They alternately change the audio stream so you also have an idea of how well each phone captures audio. The Xperia arc looked more washed out than the Nokia N8, but we have no idea what settings were used for either camera. See the video for yourself to declare a winner.

Via BesteProduct.

  • Katie Johnson

    Wow, seeing them seperately you would never really see the differance, but when reviewed like that it makes a BIG differance. Hopefully there are not to many more videos showing other phones kick’n the arc’s @$$. I do still intend to get the arc unless somethign drastic happens in the market. – Online Promo Codes and Advertising for publishers.

  • Nitin

    Ouch. Gf Camera, the Ark’s most touted feature.

  • bogarka23

    some nokia fan could do that, check on gsmarena video comparation, even xperia x10 does a much better job, maybe the best out there, beating iphone 4 also, wait for the release unit and the final product test..

  • Bandit

    Well, the ARC just got its shiny curvy ass kicked.

  • Gabriel

    We don’t know what settings they’ve used. From what I can see it seems they’ve not used full settings on the Arc this to make it look bad. Compare this video to other Arc tests it shows really that this isn’t the best of the Arc. This is shoot by a Nokia fan, definitely.

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  • JR

    This is true about not knowing settings I have seen some great videos on Youtube and the Arc’s camera but there is one that also shows the loudspeakers sounding astounding….there is more than just one feature to make a phone superb. Its the package deal that is a make a break. Its stylish, the battery will for sure outlast most of the new dual core, so thats a huge plus to me, and so is the sounds quality on the video camera and the music player.

  • JR

    Comparison photos, and you can def see how the low light photos the Arc really accents them.

  • Nitin

    People talking about low light photography- This obviously isn’t a low light photograph. It’s a video clip in not so low light.

    Arc has a decent camera, but low light sensitivity isn’t all that makes a camera good. How about pixel quality, noise filtering?

    What i find really funny is people are ready to believe the worst about the N8’s camera, mind you this phone is the king of camera phones for over an year, to make theselves feel really good about the Ark’s camera (widely untried).

    I’ve seen various picture comparisone, the only thing I can say is in low light the Ark wins hands down because it sees something, but in more light, or with flash (heard of Xenon on the Ark?) The N8 is ready to take on the best.

    You tube videos, ah yes, companies launch a ton of those in perfect conditions to highlight their products, get some real world usage and that will make me believe the tall claims. Kinda like auto companies claiming fuel efficiency figures that I can’t match in a million years.

    Not rubbishing the Ark’s camera out of hand, just saying wait and see what it does, before rubbishing the N8 (again, like I said, a phone right up at the top of camera phones).

  • Tarek

    The arc has an exmor sensor so how can the dark areas such as the escalators seem to look washed out!?
    Audio wise as well, the arc has active noise cancellation with dedicated mic so why does is the sound pick up so many noise?
    Give gsmarena the phones for an impartial comparison.
    I know nokia was a leader in mobile phones due to hardware, but now everything has got to do with software now, apps, OS, UI and all that, thats whats make a company successful.
    But do nokia have a department specialising in photography? No. Does SE? A joint company who specialises in commmunication, phones, multimedia systems and so forth…..yes, so how can sony who has departments in photography, which engineers cameras both compact and SLR’s not know how to make thier camera phones much better than their competitors? well they do and this video does not show the true potential of the camera….”nokia-Best smartphone camera, Fact”, you better rethink that phrase nokia.

  • Nitin

    Firstly, Heard of Carl Ziess? Thats enough optics for Nokia.

    Secondly, the Sensor size also affects quality, and the N8 sensor is (was?) the biggest on a phone.

    The N8 has a noise cancellation mike, I can’t seem to confirm anywhere at all if the Ark has one, in any case, maybe it is doing a better job.

    Idk about Dslrs too. Sony isn’t exactly rh leader in that market. Yes they make DSLRs, but if you want the best you have to look past Sony.

    Lastly, one point you got right, is a lot of the performance is software driven. On the same track, Symbian^3 is awesome. True it has a crappy UI but the os is stellar. Something like linux pretty much owning other computer OS, but do most people want to use it? No. There is nothing wrong with symbian. It’s lean, efficient, has had features since years that haven’t still made it to other mobile OS or are just making it.

    Get past your bias. Crappy UI =/= bad OS.

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