Xperia arc compared to the iPhone 4 [Video]

by XB on 21st March 2011

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If you want to know how the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc compares to the iPhone 4 then the folk over at have you covered. They’ve got a 12 minute video comparing both handsets side-by-side whilst testing various functionality. Ultimately this can be seen as a comparison between iOS and Android and each will have their fans. We don’t know whether the Xperia arc is a retail version, however the arc holds its own nonetheless. Check out the video below.


  • Anonymous

    The retailversion has 3.0.A.2.91 or higher, this runs .79

  • Lkroeker

    Main difference… Flash support on the arc. ;)

  • rs70

    dont like the fruity products, but iphones browsing and fluency was a little better…
    But I would still choose any android phone over iphone anytime and Arc is simply awesome and with jit enabled, it must be hell of a phone

  • Anonymous

    Apple has a track record of supporting products for 3 years. Longest Android phone Sony Ericsson supported was 9 months.

    Seems like a easy choice.

  • lee


  • Brett

    Haha SE’s new phone is barely on par with a phone that came out a year ago.

  • nioh

    The browsing was a little more fluid on iPhone but the Arc wasn’t far behind. And a couple of sites in the video comparision had flash with full support from the Arc, the iPhone doesn’t support it at all.

  • Anonymous

    That´s a lie. I had a k810, and it they had updates that reached more than beyond a year, Mostly camera improvements and speed, which was really great. Same with my x1, say what you want about windows phone, but the x1 was still one of the best on the market. got updates atleast 18 months after i bought it. I din´t own one, buti think also the P1 had updates that was relased about 18 months after relase making it faster.

  • caifan

    This comparison is wrong. It should be X10 vs iPhone 4. At least, my X10 with a custom Froyo ROM beats iPhone 4 in performance and speed, except for the camera ’cause we still need the drivers to make it completely work.

    Does this mean iPhone 5 will kick Arc’s ass so hard?

  • Vatz

    thepuffytaco said: “Android phone”

  • It should be X10 vs iPhone 4. At least, my X10 with a custom Froyo ROM beats iPhone 4 in performance and speed.

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