Sony Ericsson release must-watch quirky ads for the Xperia PLAY [Video]

by XB on 23rd March 2011

in Videos, Xperia PLAY

Xperia PLAY adsSony Ericsson is on a roll. It has released five more humorous commercials for the Xperia PLAY that if nothing else are at least memorable. Kristen Schaal, a US actress, writer, and comedian, stars in all five videos as she shows you the capabilities of the handset in a zany way (i.e. transforming into a dwarf, being possessed by Satan and even playing against a clone).

Each video focuses on one attribute of the Xperia PLAY but always reverts back to the gaming angle. This much can be guessed from some of the titles including “Pwnage” and “Kristin is killing it”. Even the iPhone 4 isn’t safe. You can check out each video below, they are only roughly 1 minute long and well worth a watch.

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