Xperia arc gets 380MB ROM – confirmed [Update]

by XB on 23rd March 2011

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Xperia arcA while back we reported that Sony Ericsson itself was not being consistent in stating what the internal memory (ROM) was for the Xperia arc. Across a number of official sites, the ROM was reported as anything between 380MB to 1GB. However, Swedroid has confirmed that the Xperia arc comes with 380MB ROM and 512MB RAM. Check out the evidence below along with their unboxing video.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, it looks like the app used to determine the ROM size (Android System Info) does not reveal the total internal memory, just the amount available to the end user. Given that the Xperia X10 has 465MB of free internal memory according to the app, it is feasible that the Xperia arc also comes with a 1GB ROM.

Xperia arc

  • Schumi

    hoped for 1GB :(

  • Sigh. I really like this phone but this is nothing compared to a dual core 1ghz 1gb ram phone.. sadly

  • Andy

    Bless Sony they do like to disappoint don’t they!

  • The music is awesome. And the Arc is pretty sexy !

  • hmm from 380MB usable at X10 to 280MB usable at Arc i can live with… i think the guys of swedroid have already installed a few apps so we can say nearly 300MB usable on a fresh device…at the moment i have with all my apps installed 150MB free on my X10 so together with Apps2SD it shouldn’t be a problem…

  • HAHAHA no guys the Xperia Arc MUST have 1GB rom or at least much more than 512MB!!!

    in ionstalled Android System Info (the same app like in the video) on my X10 and it shows me Max: 465MB and Free: 147MB…. but we all know that the X10 has 1GB rom and more than 500MB is used by the whole android system (firmware itselve, Dalvik engine, cache and so on) and i don’t think that SE shrinked the Arc Firmware down to 200MB…. so the arc has 1GB rom but 630MB is used by system and 100MB in this video by user data…..

  • caifan


  • what is the difference that you are seeing with dual core? you are going to say speed, but i doubt you really will be needing a dual core based on what you will be doing on this phone

  • no, this is definitely not true.
    It may have been reported as different amounts because there are different carrier versions with different amounts or people are talking about total ROM size vs. how much is available there for apps & user data.

    The NTT DoCoMo version is 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM.
    The Arc is being sold now and is not some lofty future phone with no real launch date.

  • Anonymous

    Good point – we didn’t test it out on our X10 to confirm before writing the post. We just assumed the app displayed the total internal memory. We’ve updated the post – thanks!

  • Jorn

    HAHAH example….google earth is 20 mb…when you put the app to your SD only 112kb remains in the rom… thats only 1%….even less… comon!!

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