First Xperia PLAY review goes live

by XB on 28th March 2011

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Xperia PLAYEngadget has released the first review for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. It’s a bit of a mixed big with the lack of content leading to the harshest criticism. “As it stands today, on the day of review and the precipice of its launch, the Play is looking out on a pretty barren gaming landscape.” The roll out of the Playstation Suite and more PSOne titles should go some way to alleviating these concerns.

Other negatives include the “dim, woeful” display, poor video recording (no 720p) and squeaky construction. On the positive side, the gamepad works well and it has good sound output from the stereo speakers. The phone scored 6/10. Click here for the review

  • esko

    me want one

  • Anonymous

    Funny how no other reviews have pointed out the screen, something smells fishy about engadget…they should do a side by side comparison of the screen against some coompetitors if its such a big deal.

  • Koko

    6/10 ,Yeah right and they gave IPhone4 9/10 ……..They sould visit a doctor soon

  • Anonymous

    If you know Engadget like I do, you will understand that they are apple fans and they constantly degrade other products including Sony’s.

    So I would seriously not take their opinion for granted until other reviews pop up soon.

  • only thing bugging me is the fact that this phone has the hardware and software caspabilites for hd recording but arent there… asked sony if it would receive hd recording at some point and was told there are no current plans yet

  • Engadget sponsors Apple no more needed to be said about their review

  • Engadget is going to be an Apple fan blog more and more :(

  • Asad

    Same asChannel 5’s Gadget show, They must be paid by apple. Any competition against apple is a guaranteed apple win

  • expansyuk is saying the xperia play has HD (720p) recording so whats true and whats bs does it have hd recording or what?

  • Lariv

    CNET were also highly critical of the XPERIA Play but both prefer the XPERIA Arc.

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