Minor Xperia arc firmware update hits UK handsets

by XB on 7th April 2011

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Xperia arcA minor update is rolling out to UK Sony Ericsson Xperia arc handsets. The update moves the firmware from version 3.0.A.2.181 to 3.0.A.2.184 , however we’re not entirely sure what’s new.

From what we can tell the only difference is a new BBC iPlayer application. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in performance. If anyone outside the UK has received this update please let us know. This new ‘184’ firmware is the latest firmware to have been certified on PTCRB.

  • No update to my Arc originating from Germany.

  • WOW, that was quick. SE is fixing issues, adding apps, or enhancing performance, whatever it maybe be… it’s LIGHT YEARS better than the 6 months wait we had to endure for the x10 Fixes. that was a 1 week wait for a newer update… AGAIN I AM IMPRESSED.

    Mad proof the company is trying to redeem it self… and for that i say, SE i can’t wait tell i buy one of your new phones.

  • Just updated my ARC to the latest software using PC Companion. Phone seems a little faster although initially its fast anyway. New BBC Iplayer app which streams high quality at 800kbps which is great if you watch BBC! Still a slight issue with wi-fi and browser but seems to be better than before. Apart from that, can’t see any more issues thus far so almost a perfect phone

  • anon

    Just get Update Failure over and over, even after SEPC fresh install ;_ ;

  • hi anon. the same happened with me. it took me a few attempts to get it right. you have to realise that there are a couple of methods to connecting the arc to pc companion. there should be a set of instructions when you connect your arc and click on update. i just rebooted my arc and then tried again. also it updated successfully once my arc was on standby. with the screen turned on the update would just fail. so after i followed the instructions, i stuck my arc on standby and it updated. don’t ask me how as it doesn’t make sense to me either but it did take me a few attempts. good luck :)

  • anon

    Many thanks for your help Datu!
    After various PC/Phone restarts and switching between SD Mount and MTP Mode it seems to be updating.
    Hope this solves the weird launching of the browser when mounting SD card.. ^_^

  • can you please check and find out whether this update fixed the issues with the camera software, aka the extra noise suppression levels in both picture/video and the odd video recorder freezing issue.

  • Snehal Thx

    No update in India.

  • Dralogan

    Any idea what the ! in triangle with Mobile phone picture underneath means cos i’ve had my Xperia Play now and still not able to get passed loading screen Supplier not able to send new phone out until 22nd of April any help would be bonus thanks guys

  • Update with SEUS to fix.

  • Xperia Arc LT15i on Orange UK
    Original Build Number: 3.0.A.2.181 Kernel: Baseband: 7x30a-aaabqmazm-1290_14-10
    New Build Number: 3.0.A.2.184 Kernel: Baseband: 7x30a-aaabqmazm-1290_14-14
    Option for BBC iPlayer to play in high quality (800kbps) from initial tests I don’t seem to be getting the 1s stalls in the Video recorder.

  • Sonu_lovesu4ever

    dear all can anyone help me i can’t update my xperia arc eventhough it’s running 2.3.2 and se had already given 2.3.3 but when i am trying to do it it’s showing ur phone had already the latest software why so and onething more how could i clear the logo of roggers becoz when i use to switch on my device it’s always showing roggers logo after that it’s coming on it main screen. plzzz help me …………………..

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