Does dual-core matter to you?

by XB on 12th April 2011

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Dual coreToday sees the launch of the HTC Sensation, a 4.3-inch Android handset with a dual-core Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.2GHz. It is due to launch in Europe in the next month or so along with the Samsung Galaxy SII, which also sports a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. In fact, most manufacturers seem to have outlined their dual-core offerings including Motorola with the Atrix and LG with the Optimus 2X and Optimus 3D.

All of this got us thinking about Sony Ericsson and its current Xperia line-up. All of the announced handsets are single-core only, yet having played with both the Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY it doesn’t feel like speed is a concern. Both handsets are very fast and handle most actions with ease.

SE is rumoured to announce a dual-core handset later this year, but is it too late in your view? Is having a dual-core handset important to you right now or are you willing to wait? Do you feel that SE launching the new Xperia range without a dual-core offering was a mistake or are they playing the market right and waiting for the Android OS & apps to be dual-core optimised before jumping in? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • NoXiouS

    2 weeks before S.E. announced they would upgrade X10 to 2.3, my service provider granted me early eligibility for hardware upgrade. I’m waiting until they stock at least one or two dual core devices before I upgrade. I want dual core because my X10 struggles to run some of the more intense 3D stuff I throw at it. It lags like mad while rendering 3D and just doesn’t perform like I want it to. I can’t say whether dual core would do any better until I try. Another bonus to getting a dual core device for me is the ability to fully root and mod my X10 with all the great stuff I learn here and on XDA :)

  • mingguan

    Single core only capable for daily/typical use.
    When come to MULTItasking, Dualcore will much better (of course RAM also play a part, especially SE’s new line up only 512MB RAM)…

  • Ihor

    Dual core for me is not so needed for now… maybe only for gaming.
    For 2012 – who knows… could be possible. But still only in a case when you need more that phone in a palm.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we NEED dual-core! Because in some months arc wont be able to launch new applications and games
    2.4 is coming

  • Anonymous

    2012 – quad core devices
    TI and Quallcomm have announced their future platforms

  • Mjwallace1

    no doubt se will be launching a dual core tablet or phone soon, but these phones needed to be released to keep some of the previous x10 owners happy or SE reputation would hav been hanging on a knife edge

  • ARK GT

    well the thing is that all the new high end phone that will be out from almost all cell comp will have dual core thats the new thing and SE really did a great job with the new line up but was not that good compair the other handsets i love SE i dont see my self with another phone i will get the arc but still looking the specs of the galaxy s 2 are incredible that what a new smartphone should be, im sad that there is always something missing knowing that SE it a powerfull company that can make the best phone in the market but there is something that is not right, again im still gonna get the arc knowing that will not get the best on the market but still its SE hope that next line up get the best from the company, hey chears

  • Anonymous

    For me is more important a big screen with nice colors and better battery life. But as a X10 owner my next phone definitely will be a dual core one, but probably a Galaxy SIII or something like that, I’m not planning on buying a new phone any time soon.

  • I can always go for a dual core phone, but my concern is how is the battery performance on those dual cores? is better, same or worse than single core! to be honest battery performance on androids is terrible, now you have two chips how would it compare?

  • Kelvin

    As a hardcore Sony Ericsson fan since 2001, I would wish Sony Ericsson to stay competitive with other manufacturers in terms of specifications. With the implementation of dual-core, even if it is not optimised for Android OS yet, it does keep a promise that DUAL-CORE phones will not get outdated as much as single core.

    Take a look at the PCs, from the olden days of running 133MHz to 1GHz, to now quad core processors over the years. Isn’t great to keep ur processor as latest as possible in order to meet all requirements needed for really a high-end software like Adobe Photoshop Suite?

    With better specs, it will definitely continue to secure and expand its market share, preventing many SE users from crossing over to other manufacturers since many individuals out there are looking into specs now.

    Make.Believe = Keep the specs as updated as possible to compete with other manufacturers, continue delivering the best users’ experience, and believe your market share will grow. =)

  • i also think that SE got stuck with a certain single core deal, and the demand for a newer more demanding android is still not completely heavy yet! a single core is still okay but def by april next year it will be out dated.

  • Single core is fine for now. But SE better not sleep on it. SE needs to release a due core to be competitive with other manufacturers. I think SE has all the right components to make a killer dual core phone. If they do it well people will look their way.

  • Asad

    The price of the arc is similar to high end HTC’s and Samsung’s. So the specs should also be the same or similar. Dual core, front camera, NFC, Gyro. our phones should have all of

  • JaX3RiR

    Considering the fact that mobile phone and portable batteries in general haven’t evolved at all or very little in terms of new and groundbreaking technology in the past 15 years, I don’t think it’s actually that important at this stage to equip our phones with more and more stuff if it runs out of juice in a day.

  • R Pedroso

    It’s a phone. People really need to take it down a notch.

  • Gregorian

    It will. I wont be buying another phone for at least a year, so I will be missing this round of phones. No Arc for me. As things stand now, a smoothed out X10… the Arc… I just don’t want to pay for it.
    But in a years time, I’d like to be able to have every app I use open and active. So more CPU, more RAM, more battery… more everything. I want a big step up from what I’ve got now.

  • Anonymous

    Multi-tasking like how? With 480×854 screen, there’s much limitation of real-time interaction you can do. Probably game, but game performance is more dictated by GPU than CPU. Web browsing can go smoother and more efficient once they got GPU acceleration do the rendering. It’s already in Honeycomb, and we’ll just waiting it to arrive in mobile device.

  • Anonymous

    No – software are way more important than hardware. If the software doesn’t do it – hardware won’t change a thing..

  • sp34k

    phones these days are looked upon as media devices, these being games, videos and what not. As media evolves, video HD (reproduction and recording) games become more detailed and push the hardware even harder, you need constant evolving hardware on your phone.

    video-wise, phones now play HD. they don’t have full hd compatible screens (yet), but they allow TV out and such funcionalitys that require much higher hardware performance. in my experience you still can’t play some 1080p format and truly experience HD with some phone tv out. You Need higher specs on your phone.

    don’t think that just because it’s called a phone, it’s still a “phone” in it’s root meaning. it has evolved, and it is now a media device.

    i believe SE is falling behind, as it has before. don’t get me wrong, they improved alot with the Arc, but as someone stated before, “smoothed out x10” is a very nice nickname.

  • Mr t

    yes ! dual-core be awesome.

    your all missing the point . if the phone not powerfull enought it only be limited to certain software and amout of stuff it can do at same time. if you want 3d u def need it . software can be updated after phone out. …hardware can not

  • platt

    Don’t forget software evolution always follows hardware evolution. By the end of the year there will be a new generation of software(apps and games) that take full advantage of this new dual core technology in phones. Single core phones will struggle to cope with these apps and games just as single core computers struggle today with the latest software.
    The Arc as some have already said, is simply what the x10 should have been. If I were in the market for a new phone, the Arc will be a definite non starter. Why buy a phone that would be out of date literally in 6-8 months time. That’s the stuff of fanboys who have money to burn. On the other hand, if you got one of the dual cored contenders, you’ll know it would hold it’s own for at least a 18 months.
    SE have the best presentation and designs but they are still behind others where it really matters…specification and functionality.

  • Rajesh_mp9

    Yes, Dual Core matters . . .

  • Chaos

    Multi core optimisation will take off faster on phones than it did on occasion because the hardware turnover is way faster. That being said I’ll wait for dual core. Unfortunately the arc is what the x10 should have been and is already outdated. Been awhile since I’ve strayed from se but since they’ve gone backwards I might have to go with something else. Mediascape is a great idea if it would handle more formats like flac mkv divx etc. And timescape had so much potential if it came up like the tiles on windows phone. I’ve asked these questions on se blog along with why Sony makes 10 different docks for Iphone but none for the Xperia. Maybe also make a car deck that uses the phone as a removable faceplate. And why there’s still no integration with Sonys other hardware. They haven’t answered and they really need to catch up.

  • Ajexis

    People here saying that they want dual-core is dumbasses.
    Dual-core is in no way much better that a single core since almost nothing uses two cores!
    Pretty much the only thing that will be using several cores on phones is video and games, and even here it will be limited since splitting up tasks can be a bit tricky.
    The only way I can see it working with video and games is having one core handling the image and one core handling the sound, and the sound isn’t a thing that take much power.

    To illustrate my point I will be using the ‘wonder’ of quad-core.
    Quad-core is barely being used to anything. It is used to for very large games by processing different objects in the games, with one core doing the visual of your own character(s) moving, one core taking care of other players moving (in online games) + NPCS, one core handling the landscape and the last one handling the sound.
    But almost no games are using this since it is really advanced.
    The best processor you can get is in reality a single core with a very high frequense

  • Nitin

    Learn how threading works before spouting such utter bull bro.

  • platt

    complete nonsense from a very ill-educated fellow. Ajexis go and do some research before speaking. Single core …the best processor ….u must be on crack

  • SGean

    Just got a nokia N8 december last year. Other then the camera and maps, the rest of the phone experience is really bad. I’ve had my eye on the arc for quite awhile now. Only 2 things keeping me from the arc are the processor and the built quality/durability. So if the rumors are true that SE is coming up with a dual core handset at the end of this year, i’ll most definately wait.

  • SGean

    Oh, and hopefully by then it will support more codecs. I know there’re 3rd party players for android that can support a wide range of codecs and containers but still would be nice if it were avaliable on the phone right out of the box =)

  • jimbob_uk

    Just remember that alot of us will be keeping these devises for the next 2 years. How will a single core phones keep up in that time

  • M a SE fan since i started using mobile.. n now it has been many years, n yes dual core matters, n its not just about dual core.. actually the competition matters… SE should be able to keep with other major brands with regard to HW and SW both… Great design great looks but always something or the other is missing.. I just wish to c a phone from SE that i would like to buy without thinking “features, hw,sw, future proof” something amazing .. a complete phone that is truly awesome !! N yes dual core please :)

  • Sergei

    Android os itself is capable to utilize dual cores. So,  yes, even knowing applications is not capable to benifit from multi-cores systems, having modern hadrware in the production line is very important.

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