Sony Ericsson: 60 percent of total sales from Android

by XB on 19th April 2011

in Android

Sony EricssonSony Ericsson has released its first quarter results (three months to 31 March 2011), reporting a continuing trend of its Android-based smartphones driving profitability. Android phones represented 60% of total sales during Q1. The company claims its share of smartphones has doubled year-on-year (5% in units and approximately 3% in value).

The number of units shipped during Q1 was 8.1 million, down 23 percent over last year, however this is unsurprising given no new hardware launches. Sales were down by 19 percent at €1.1bn. We would expect a turnaround in Q2 given that the Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY launched at the end of March. In the statement, Sony Ericsson also confirmed that it has seen some disruption in its supply chain following the Japan earthquake.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why the Disqus comments system don’t show up some times, I refreshed this page 3 times to see it !!

    any way, I know SE is facing hard time giving all orders, but come on, why cancelling ( small ) orders in favor for other ( big ) markets ??
    In Bahrain I’m still waiting for Arc, the dealer here ( Fakhro Electronics ) said that SE has cancelled the order they made firstly, so they did another order.. and now Arc is delayed till Mid June !!
    It’s not just Bahrain, UAE received their Arc first in late March, then KSA received it a little before mid April, but Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman all very close countries did not receive any patch yet !!

    I don’t know who to complain to, is it the local dealer, or SE !!

  • And

    why not order the phone through internet and have it by postal mail ?

  • Tarek ali

    What do you mean small orders!? Sony Ericsson have to deal with millions of people like you and your “small” orders, so if you think a million small orders is small, then think again. think logically stupid, stop complaining.
    If there was an earthquake in Bahrain, would you care about fixing up your little city first, or care about your supply for global cumstomers, including the little customers with “small” orders?
    Such an ungrateful peice of crap, put yourself in their shoes before complaining.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that Japans disaster affected the supply chain for all new SE handsets, I’m not complaining about that at all… read my comment again…

    I don’t know who to blame at first, is it my local dealer or SE as here at Bahrain is not the only market that still waits for Arc, there’s Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and too many other markets in the world…
    the dealer said that SE cancelled his order so he was forced to re-order again this was our local dealer response to the cause of the delay, but I don’t know about other countries and I believe the Japan disaster affected every where…

    If I want to complain and blame SE I’ll because they should try to give all markets the Arc and respect there promise of delivering Arc in Q1, now Q1 is end and the dealers in all nearby countries say May and June, and that Q2 and late Q2.. while in the same time other nearby countries already have it in time, you know there’s only 25KM between Bahrain and KSA and we just don’t have it and the dealer say wait till mid-June !!
    KSA and UAE are the biggest markets here in the region so they have bigger priority than small markets like Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar & Oman.. I’m not saying don’t give them a thing or not, I’m not saying don’t give any other dealer, country or what ever thing any thing, I’m just saying to distribute it even in limited quantities to all markets just to stay with their commitment and promise of delivering it in Q1… not requesting more. just that… this is not in related at all to Japan’s disaster.

  • Anonymous

    I can do it but I’m worried about warranty as I don’t know if I’ll be able to have it here locally…

    I’m waiting for 2 weeks, if nothing changed I’ll try to get it from KSA, I didn’t do to this coz of political problems in Bahrain now these days that started 2 months ago and it just start to settle a little bit few days ago… I hope after 2 weeks I’ll be able to do it…

  • well, i must say with all the x10 mistakes, downfalls and the TERRIBLE support that we got for it…. it is yet the best phone SE has ever made from terms of performance. yes it may be way behind competitors but no other SE phone beats the x10 at the current era… seeing ok profits is expected, but with the new xperias and the new reform of support i can expect bigger profits. especially that the x10 is still getting a 2.3, it will sell every single x10 that was parked on a shelf.

    the company is hanging for better, good job and keep it up!

  • I must say I really like it. Your imformation is usefull. Thanks for share.

  • Got a
    new apple remote and it wont work with logic at all ? what am i doing wrong ??

  • Anonymous

    Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson is one of the best cellphones in the world ,I like it very much.

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