TechRadar crowns Xperia arc best mobile in world today

by XB on 25th April 2011

in Xperia arc

Xperia arcTechRadar recently updated its list of the “20 best mobile phones in the world today”, a list that has been dominated by the HTC Desire since it launched. However, the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc has gone straight to the number one position in its latest roundup.

TechRadar said it earned its place through “sheer quality” and that the handset shouldn’t be overshadowed by dual-core phones whose power wouldn’t be exploited right now. It also praised the Xperia arc for its “stunning good looks, superb screen and very decent photo performance”. The only other Sony Ericsson representation in the list was the X10 mini and X10 mini pro, which came in at 15th place.

  • Topher

    SE… From zero to hero..

  • se fan

    tbh they were never ‘zero’ its how blogs try to rubbish their name and confuse consumers

  • Asad


  • Topher

    SE’s flagship phone last year was the x10 which was plagued by a lot of intruiges, failures, and so many things. Even my x10 was brought to service center 3 times after updating to 2.1. Continues rebooting after the upgrade. Hardware issues according to SEs service center here in my region. X10 is the “over promised under deliver” device from SE last year. Lessons learned… I hope so..

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  • Amazing what a company accomplishes by just listening to it’s customers… really from ” I am never buy a SE” to ” I Can’t wait tell the ARC is in my hand” way to go SE. your phone must be that good to get to that spot.

  • Jenniferth

    Seems to be universally loved. From PDA247 “The Arc is without doubt an all round superb smartphone. It does almost everything right and I am left wondering how so much was crammed into such a small space. The improvements in Android are gradually starting to work together to create a more rounded experience and when it is sensitively squeezed into a piece of hardware like this something special happens. This is my new favourite smartphone.”

  • Tech Junkie

    Umm… that list shows the Arc as second. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is in first.
    The Galaxy S2 is rubbish!I have used both and kept the arc.

  • Nitin

    Ouch.. Best phone on TechRadar……………………

    For all of 2 weeks.

    LMFAO can’t get away from bad karma SE. This is the X10 mistreatment come back to bite you. If you’d been ahead of the game on updates and current tech, you would have released the ARC last year and a dual core this year.

    For those who keep going on about Dual Cores not needed etc., because of lack of apps that utilise that tech, here’s a simple fact. Dual cores run faster, because when running an app, the app utilises one core and the os another, unlike here where it is shared, and Dual cores are also power efficient since they don’t usually have to reach max clock speeds. They idle lower too in most cases.

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