Xperia arc – a BIG improvement in battery life over time?

by XB on 23rd May 2011

in Xperia arc

BatteryOkay, this post is stemming from our own personal experiences, but here at Xperia Blog HQ we have noticed a substantial improvement in Xperia arc battery life over recent weeks compared to when we first started using the handset in early April. So much so, that we are a loss to explain why and therefore wondered whether anyone else had a similar experience.

When we first started using the handset, it would last no more then 15 hours before it was fully depleted. [Note this was after at least 6/7 recharging cycles i.e. once the battery had a chance to bed in properly]. Now check out the screenshots below under a usage pattern that is no different from a month back. All the settings are the same as before and yet we are seeing a substantial improvement in battery life. Today, we have 75% charge left after over 14 hours of use and this has been the norm over the last few weeks. If anyone else has experienced something similar we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Also, we’d like to hear from you if your battery life has showed no improvement at all. This one has us scratching our heads…

Xperia arc

Xperia arc

  •  I can’t confirm your findings, my Arc barely lasts a day on full charge

  • Well, this is a kinda weird phenomenon… I experienced it once or twice, but it doesn’t have long battery times always, but it happens :S
    Also happened on my X10, for no specific reason the battery suddenly lasted an extra day or even 2 sometimes…
    But my battery does in general last longer than when I first bought it (when released).

  •  I experienced something similar… first battery wont last 12 hrs… yesterday It went 1d7h … odd

  • renzo

     i cant comment on the arc but i own an xperia x10 and i also noticed a large improve ment in battery capacity after 6-8 full charge cycles. the batterys have a capacity memory if u wish  its almost like when se used to say first charge should be 16 hours. just so the battery reaches full capacity. android turns off charging when the battery is full and when the percentage drops by approx 5%  charging starts again. so maximum power from your battery is only really noticed after these initial charge cycles also your phone gets less power hungry once the rom and all its settings and caches are settled 

  • Jtc9242

     Just to throw another (probably coincidental) weird thing in the mix. I currently use a ZTE Blade until I get my new Arc. Last week or so battery life has doubled, exactly the same use as before O.o

  • Yali AA

    What ROM/UI is this btw? 

  • FaVo

    How often do you reboot your arc?
    Sometimes it consumes very low battery but after a long time without a reboot it sometimes starts to consume much more battery that it won’t reach the evening without recharge… a reboot helps then.
    I recharge the arc every evening when going to bed, most times it’s about 20% then… but I have very much apps installed and much processes are running in the background. 

  • Prohim

     A lot of people will confim this. it´s not that weird, talked to an egineer, these kind of batteries are expected to improve up to 20-30 % after 5-10 cycles. Not weird at all. 

  • VeKz

    The difference over here isn’t as big as suggested above, but it’s definately gotten better. Battery goes for about 20-24 with heavy usage; days with low usage.

  • Marc

     first charge with my arc and its at 9% battery right now and it has been on for 13 hrs..

  • with light usage at 100% battery for 4 hrs…

  • Ttsaw

    Having the default camera app running at the background drains ALOT of battery… =(

  • Anonymous

    I also have alot better batterylife now than before. It can go up to 2 days with minor use.

  • Rem

    I am currentyl experiencing the same on my Xperia X10. Used to be able to use it about 1 day (3g off mostly). This morning, after 24 hours, it is currently still on 70%! No idea why, used it just as much as every other day….

  • tomo100brt

    At first battery on my arc could last only a day with normal usage but now after a mounth of use it can last 2 and a half days normal usage or one whole day (23 h) havy usage. But I noticesed one big bug that drains battery. After using stereo bluetooth headphones and turning them off (in this case Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio MW600) there is no media sound and battery drains very fast. After restarting device everything is fine. Hope it will be fixed in upcoming update.

  • Asad

    on average my battery lasts 48 hours

  • Snehal Thx

    yes battery life improved a lot after using it for a week.

  • Zia Khan

    My battery did’nt even last a full 24 hours after first charge but I put that down to the heavy use as you would expect with a new toy.

    After the 3rd charge the battery has just gone into the red zone after 1 day and 2 hours.

    Can someone tell me how to get to the second of the screens shown above.Many thanks

  • Anildsi10

    yeah..substantial increase in battery life after 3 weeks

  • Kael

    Mine lasts through the day with normal usage, but just today, with heavy Facebook , Twitter, and Internet usage, barely lasted 3 hours. It’s on 3G though, but still… :(

  • cant see im experiencing this yet… i hope it starts happening lol.. but ive only had my fone for 2 weeks.. so maybe it hasnt kicked in yet lol!!

  • Kyosuke

    Guys… one way to save battery is to change the newwork  mode to “GSM only” if you are not using the internet in the mobile network settings. my phone can last for 1 and a half day without charging and with occasional switching of network to “wcdma only” to surf the net and facebook. give a try. Definitely works. “)

  • gyt

    i bought my arc on end of april, first times runs ca. 15-20 hours with a charge, but now its up to 2 days with 2G, few wifi & net browsing, lots of phone calls. its cool :)) 

  • Ivan

    yes, my arc got substantial battery life improvement as well. it couldn’t last more than a day after a full charge on the first week of use. but now, a normal charge cycle will last for more than 2 days. i am happy with it

  • Sravan

    i have the similar experience
    i played music almost 12 hrs and still around 60% battery is left

  • -S-

    I don’t have an Arc but I did notice something similar with my X10…

  • Sandeep

    Its still under a day for me after a month, on medium usage,i am also waiting for magical improvement in battery life

  • after almost a 3 weeks i am seeing a substantial increase in battery life
    after a day of normal use (2 hours of talk, some games and music) battery still at 70%
    I am stunned….

  • Melvin

    I had the phone since early April and there’s only been a slight improvement in batt life, still doesn’t last a full day for me. Have my data traffic switched on/off from time to time, religiously kill all tasks before locking phone most of the time, screen brightness at the medium setting, don’t play games, at most an hour + of calls daily.

  • Wch5274

    my arc with normal usage for 3 days
    still got 40% left and im shock.. i dont know what happen but the last time before charging..
    it takes only 15h from 100% to 5%… then after recharging, till now still got 40% left and that after 3 days with normal usage…??????
    oh.. my arc already 3 weeks old

  • does anyone use that app by sony ericsson… coz im finding its draining the shit out of battery!!

  • Rcnitura

    mine is 100% when  i  sleep and when i wake up its 30%-ish

  • Quebecguy

    In my first week, I had to charge my phone each day!  But i’ve seen in a forum a trick that really works! Here it is:
    When the battery is around 50%, close your phone and remove the battery for 2minutes, after this, put back the battery and fully charge it but don’t start the phone!  When it is completely charged, you can open your phone!   

    I’ve done this and now after 3 hours I’m at 99%!   normally I would be around 80%!   

  • Kar_info

    What a minute??? How are you using this phone on T-Mobile???  T-Mobile uses a AWS network!!  Is this phone available in a 1700/2100 version??

  • Mr. V

    Quebecguy, you do this everytime to get a 14% batter?

  • Deepu

    i used to hardly get about 15 hrs after medium use of phone per charge in the initial 1 month in the 2nd month i was astonished to see a sudden surge of battery life to 1 and half day of moderate use to the extent where i started doubting the battery widget and kept on refreshing that i m almost getting 1 day with heavy usage and satisfied..i dont know how it happened….

  • Ghai Sarbjeet

    Have Xperia Arc model ..whole day the battery creates no is fine..but in night when someone send me any text msg or got any mail and if it unread then the side green indicator light blinks and consume my full charging..Is there any way to keep the indicator off….?????

  • Teddyroosevelt

    The first few days I really worked at it to increase my Arc’s battery life, since it would last a day at most. After a night’s sleep it would be down by 20%, without any weird wakelocks. Then after about a week, I had the idea to reboot my Arc. After that reboot, the battery life had magically increased. My estimated standby time is now up to 5 days. With regular use I get 2 days easy. So I’m not sure how this happened, but I don’t care ;)

  • M O Balkhi

    please how can we reboot the phone ?

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  • Mridul338

    Plzzzz some1 tell me how to fix battery performance it is draining very very fast like in stand by for 6 hrs  it drains about 30% of it .how shud i fix it

  • Mridul338

    for xperia arc

  • amore

    why my xperia arc turns low battery or turn off even if i just only charged few hours ago but iim not using it usually. my question is, is it normal that the battery become weak when the temperature is too low??? i had only my arc for just less than a week!

  • Kikiinkanata69

    I have had this phone for 6 days now and my battery life is only about 9 hrs (approx.). Is this normal? yes I am turning screen off when not in use and have also tried turning off apps when not in use.

  • Dheerajjoh

    how could i know my sony arc is fully charged using indicator light

  • Kingukfromhell

    Its been jus a week I ve owned my arc..too disappointed to know that battry dosnt last for more than 13 to 14 hours..hopin for a substantiaal improvment…

  • natasha :)

    Hi. I’ve been using my Arc for 3 weeks now and I have seen such substantial improvements in it’s battery life.. I was worried too, weeks ago when i bought my arc. All I did was turn off the Bravia Engine(when not using the camera), lower the brightness to 10%(indoor use), force close the running services, and kept it locked(when not in use). After doing those, suddenly, it’s battery life improved.. Before, it wouldn’t last 8-10 hours. But now, with heavy 15 hours usage, I still get 60 % left at the end of the day.. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t wanna know either. I’m just happy with my Arc now. :) 

  • Mirwais

    I got my Arc S last week and it last for 14-15 hours first time. but after that, it only have 10% charge after 8 hours. I should mention that I used internet, WiFi during day. 
    So, I think it must last more, even after heavy use of phone, at least for a day or more. hope it works after 4-5 cycle of charging and the battery life improve.

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  • Cstanis92

    seriously, mine also have this kinda using xperia arc s n battery life drained too to solve this prob???

  • Rohituk310

    someonee plsss helpppp!!!!
    its been a month i ve got my arc n still it hasnt kicked up its battery perfomance..i ve tried removing the battery after it hits around 50%..n after 2 mins put it on bak n then charge it fully with switched off state..naaahhh…this aint workin for me..i ve been trying this a couple o times..did a hard n soft reset couple of times..still theres no change in the battery so disappointed with my arc…was hoping for a substantial improvement after 3 weeks..but now its been for  about a i need to check with the services of sony??
    pls reply someonee…its realy depressing..:(

  • Mtedoyle

    My Arc’s battery life is declining. The usage graph show the Gallery is using most power, yet there’s nothing in Media or Music. I’m mystified.

  • Bi

    Me too… Im using xperia pro… Usually i have to charge at 6pm but now until 11pm it still 15%
    this happen after a few week of use..

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