HDMI-equipped Xperia PLAY spied

by XB on 3rd June 2011

in Xperia PLAY

HDMI-equipped Xperia PLAY spiedIt is a bit of a baffling decision to us why Sony Ericsson decided not to include a HDMI output on the Xperia PLAY, especially since the Xperia arc and Xperia Neo had HDMI support. We’ve already played some games on a TV through HDMI and it can be a lot of fun, something that would suit the Xperia PLAY perfectly.

It looks like though SE may be working on a revised version as an Xperia PLAY with HDMI was spotted. The picture below shows what looks like a HDMI cable coming out of the PLAY into the TV. The interesting thing is that where the cable comes out from there currently isn’t any kind of port. SE-Xperia was sent the photo and it seems legit to us. However, this may just be a dev kit rather than the ‘Xperia PLAY 2’, so we wouldn’t get too excited for now.

HDMI-equipped Xperia PLAY spied

  • S&N

    It’s a fine marketing display…what is missing its the small sign that reads … “psych”!

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  • Lint Fabrik

    Surely it’d be better coming from the other side of the phone?

  • not when the left and right control, volume buttons are there :s

  • Anonymous

    this better not come out I just got my xperia play.

  • Danne

    Nope, the HDMI-equipped version is only for E3, I’ve been told.     

  • If you look at the service menu you will find a service test for HDMI on the current Xperia Play. This suggests that the device is at least capable of outputting HDMI even if the necessary connection is missing.

    To enter service menu on the Xperia play type *#*#7378423#*#* .

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