Facebook inside XperiaNow that we’ve had a good few weeks with the latest Android 2.3.3 update on our Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY, we thought we’d provide our impressions of its main feature, Facebook inside Xperia. There are other additions to the firmware update, including lockscreen notifications, HD video recording fix, battery improvements as well as some other bug fixes. However, Sony Ericsson’s deep Facebook integration is the main talking point and is a feature that will also hit the Xperia X10 when it receives the official Android Gingerbread update later this year.

‘Facebook inside Xperia’ gives users a deeply integrated Facebook experience across a number of different areas of the phone including Gallery, Music, Calendar and Contacts. Sony Ericsson has sensibly tied this up with just a single log-in, so no need to keep entering your Facebook details across various parts of the phone. Click through for our full impressions below.

Accessing Facebook inside Xperia

You automatically get access to Facebook inside Xperia (we’ll abbreviate this to FiX for the rest of this article) as soon as you enter your Facebook logon details within the official Facebook Android app. Once logged on, you won’t get any confirmation, but you will now have deep FB integration across your handset.

Depending on how much you love/hate Facebook , you may want to turn some features of this integration off. To do this you will need to head over to the sync option settings (Settings – Accounts & sync). Here you will find two Facebook sync options , one for the official Facebook app which allows you to sync Contacts only and one for the ‘Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration’ which allows you to sync your Calendar, Albums in Gallery as well as other features for your Contacts. However, we couldn’t find any way to turn off the ‘Like’ feature in the music widget.

Facebook inside Xperia

Facebook inside Xperia

Music player with Like button

One of the coolest features is an integrated ‘Like’ button in the Sony Ericsson music player. The relatively discrete ‘Like’ button sits at the top of the screen which posts an update onto your Facebook wall once clicked. Your friends can comment on your music taste all of which is accessible on the handset. The feature uses TrackID to function and we know some users have had issues getting this to work with their music, especially those that have unlocked their bootloader. We’ve not had any problems ourselves and this piece of FB integration is probably one of our favourites.

Facebook inside Xperia

Albums in Gallery

This is another neat feature that syncs the photo albums you have uploaded onto Facebook as well as a ‘My tags’ album that includes photos from your family/friends that have you tagged. When you click on an individual picture you can see the photo title, as well as who has liked the photo and comments. It is a very seamless experience and works well running in the background. As part of this, photos shared by your friends also have a dedicated tab in the Timescape UI.

Facebook inside Xperia

Contact sync

This works similarly to the previous contact sync but has been updated to also include syncing your contacts pictures and birthdays as well as pictures and status updates. You can also view your friends photo albums via the contacts and add comments too.

Facebook inside Xperia

Calendar sync

Self-explanatory, but your Facebook calendar is also synced with the Android calendar. This means no excuses for forgetting your other half’s birthday!

Media Discovery App & Widget

Sony Ericsson has also released a new app called ‘Media Discovery’. As the name suggests, this is an amalgamation of all of the recent media (including videos and music) that is being liked and shared by your friends on Facebook. You can also see which of your friends have liked individual tracks/videos as well as any associated comments. The app is divided into three sections: 1) Top links (the most popular media ranked), 2) Recent and 3) Mine.

Facebook inside Xperia

Facebook inside Xperia

This app comes with its own widget, which is an easier way of keeping on track of media being shared rather than physically clicking on the app. However, one of the downsides is that the widget takes up most of one homescreen (4 x 3 icons) so some of you may not want to sacrifice so much real estate. The refresh interval also seemed a bit haphazard and not related to the settings used in the app, this meant we would often have to go into the app to update the widget. Overall though it’s a nice concept and one that we’ve enjoyed using.

Facebook inside Xperia

Lockscreen notifications

One of the nice new features the update brings is lockscreen notifications. Now you can see if somebody has tried to call you, left a text message and even Facebook alerts without unlocking the phone. This works well in practice, although you’re not given any more than the basic information on the lockscreen i.e. it doesn’t tell you who has called or left you message apart from a brief message in the status bar which can be easily missed.

Facebook inside Xperia

Overall thoughts

If you are a Facebook addict, then this latest update is right up your street. Sony Ericsson has made it simple for you to keep on top of the latest updates from your friends/family and allows you to constantly interact with Facebook whilst away from your PC. We particularly like the Gallery and Music FB integration, allowing us to also view comments and ‘likes’ in a tidy and stream-lined view.

In terms of any impact on battery life, suffice to say we haven’t noticed any impact either way – despite syncing everything through FiX. Hopefully, the overhead isn’t too large to impact battery life on a day-today use. Obviously a lot of work has gone into the Facebook integration and we have to commend Sony Ericsson for probably having one of the easiest to setup and simple to use Facebook experiences on a smartphone. FiX is expected to hit the upcoming Xperia mini/mini pro as well as the Xperia X10 in Q3.

  • Personally, I love FIX but didn’t realise The Photos also synced with FB like you said. 

  • Strider

    its annoying because u cant turn it off and your always left with a reminder in ur status bar which you cant get rid of!!

  • uliwooly

    Can anyone explain how you managed to replicate what SE advertise under contact sync, because I haven’t been able to:

    1) use my friend’s profile picture as the background I only get a small low res picture which leads me to 

    2) how do you get a HD picture from fb or camera roll to be added to your contact and not just a crappy pic, this was an issue with the X10

  • Luiscencio

    New firmware… 3.0.1.A.0.146 anyone knows whats in it?

  • id like to know the same thing , i also use my friends fb profile pic and i just get a small pic. not even whole screen like the one on your screens

  • anonym

    tbh i thought id use it a lot i barely use it doesnt have enough functionality to fb

  • Tunesincognito

    Same problem, any solutions???

  • Senu

    Visit http://www.chivi.eu for SE related news as well :) i’ve reviewed the update too

  • uliwooly

    I think they used the same pic as on the SE website, why? I dont know 


  • Anonymous

    That is correct. We used the Sony Ericsson photo for the contacts section as we realised we didn’t take a screengrab when posting the article! All of the rest of the photos are ours. 

    Regarding the background picture – ours is also low-res rather than that illustrated. Hopefully, SE has this as one of its revisions over time. 

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  • mobi

    Can you not turn it off at “setting”/”Accounts & sync”/facebook logo in a “phone”!?!?

  • mobi

    I was quite excited about it at first… but now bored with it… and as it keeps on syncing, it slows down my Arc drastically… so now I’ve turned off everything except calendar… pity…

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  • Strider

    no, the fb syncs are off butt he annoying reminder is always there.

  • Freddie Teo Kn

    Sad to say, this facebook inside xperia doesn’t work for me.
    It doesn’t synch well at all.  Waste of space and time.

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  • Carlo

    SE have worked their way up. . .  
    Learning from the mess of the X10, they are doing a good job. 

    Only confusion is having SE Android Phones and just a Sony Android Tablet. If there was a way to unit the 2, maybe they could do more with the PS3 as well

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  • i dont get my facebook notification on my lockscreen even if everything is turned on, background data , auto sync, update interval to 30 mins , any help?

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  • Mayur

    Facebook integration with Xperia arc, how can I reshare viedos that I from my friend’s wall?

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  • Tynert2

    The Sony Play will not sync with facebook and Sony said they don’t know if it ever will.

  • Ervee

    Go to the faceboook site (not app). It has a notification there. If you read it the notification in the lockscreen goes away with the next sync.

  • Rrrebel

    i have xperia ray, and fix syncs everything accept from gallery. i don’t now what’s wrong with it, it worked just fine, but after i installed an update it stopped working. my settings are exactly the same as before. please help, i really liked my fb album in my gallery!

  • Harshad 8811

    my facebook albums are not being synchronized in xperia mini pro sk17i. I have an other account, it works with it fine. Please tell me what do i need to modify in the facebook account or in phone?? All other works fine. i have contacts and calendar synchronized. please tell me the solution.

  • Harshad 8811

    same problem i stated above for xperia mini pro sk17i. Did you find any solution?

  • Tdm971

    I have tried several times to add the Facebook account under settings/accounts & sync on my Xperia Play and so far have had no success. It will not let me add it. Any suggestions??

  • Kat

    I have a problem with uploading pictures to FB. I have installed the application, synchronized it, when it didn’t work i restarted my phone and still, when i press share button and want to put a photo on FB after a few seconds i get a notification that a problem occurred. And it doesn’t work since i brought my phone from the store. Any suggestions?

  • Harshad Hbk

    I have Xperia mini. Whenever I update any status from facebook from xperia, it should display as ‘via Xperia’ or ‘via Android Smart Phone’. it is not get displayed. whereas it displays from nokia or blackberry etc. Is there any setting for this or anything else…?

  • Sarahcarrington75

    i have xperia s how do i upload photos to facebook not having any joy thanks

  • Slr7

    Anyone know how to delete synced fb pics from my Xperia Play, there is no delete options, like there is with my normal pics.

  • Vjhaycruz26

    yes pls, how?

  • Guest

    The only way I’ve found is to remove the account from the device, then re-add it

  • Davidmk13

    I can not find how to upload profile pick on facebook with my Sony xperia or my motorola zoom can someone help please?

  • Herdy1981

    How do I find my alert that show on the locked screen?

  • Parth11

    den also d pics does not deleted from d phone anyoder way?

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  • Mbc13tc

    Please can someone help??  I have just got a sony Ericsson Arc S and love it!!  But although all my Facebook albums and videos are shown in the gallery I can only access the photos and I can’t play the videos on the phone… it says ‘loading video’ then I get the message ‘Cannot play video… Sorry this video cannot be played’  The odd thing is – very occasionally it does work and I’m not doing anything different!!  Any ideas??  I’m not a techy so please help!!

  • Womanhart05

    Hi, I have a problem with my Xperia S. I was able to synchronise my Facebook album to my phone’s gallery but the problem is all the pictures are very blurred. Is this something to do with the connection or is it because when integrating the quality of pictures decreases as well? Thanks.

  • mahalamor

    I think it only works when you’re connected to a WiFi or by phone network.

  • Robbaldobbal

    Go to your Gmail account on your PC. Click ‘Share’ (in top right hand corner). Click on the camera image, then click ‘From your Phone’ this will open a new window…. Delete images as required.. Go to phone switch off and then on again. Images should now no longer be on your phone..

  • Vish

    @40300afb183065bff77f2497c90cae77:disqus did u received any update on your query coz i am facing the same issue. :(

  • Ayaz

    if you update the status thru Timescape, it says “via Xperia”, wayyyy better than “via mobile” :D

  • Harding

    With regard to the Music Player Like Button – I am one of the users who ‘have had issues getting this to work with their music’. I haven’t unlocked my bootloader (whatever that is). Can anyone give me some advise on how to get this working properly. It works on maybe 10% of my music collection but usually I get the message ‘operation has timed out’. If it works on a song in an album it will work on the whole album otherwise not at all.

  • Joybfederico

    How to enter another facebqook acct here in sony xperia s?

  • Sainathkondbhar

    How to copy or download photos from fb to phone? I like many photos on fb uploaded by frnds. I want to download them.. Pz Help me…i m using Sony Xperia neo l with integrated fb.

  •  the like button doesn’t work on the music player

  • Sambo

    I’m the same with an Xperia P. I want to keep/download some of My Tags in my gallery but disable Fb in XP cause it drains battery.. U cant do much with the photos except comment and share with this app

  • Hey! Im using Xperia Arc S. Im not able to tag friends in comments through the official facebook app (when you type @, and a list pops up with the all then names). I downloaded doplhin browser. But its the same problem with that too.
    I was using a galaxy s earlier in which both the facebook app as well as dolphin supported this feature. HELP!

  • I have Xperia Neo L , but every time I update my FB status through timescape it displays via xperia play and not xperia neo L,, is there a way to fix that ?

  • Akshay

    I have a problem with contacts visibility. Contacts synced from facebook are not visible for other application like viber, watsapp etc. on Sony Xperia Tipo.
    Can anyone help me to solve this issue????

  • Michele Waters

    Thank you – amongst all the tips, this is the only one that worked for me :-)

  • zinger

    Hi everyone, I have a problem. I can’t use Xperia with Facebook Using my Xperia Tablet Z Wifi… I just want to post photos on my main facebook account with at tag below “Via Sony Xperia Tablet” and save it in a

    Xperia Album automatically… In my main Facebook account I can’t use it. But why is that when I logged in with my other facebook account it does…??? I only use One facebook application. I only switch them when i like to play games… PLease help me guys…. :(

    Hope anyone can help me… Thanks in advance.

  • reGGIE

    hi My friends, how can I recieve in the notification bar a reminder from the facebook inside xperia, when i sync the birthdays and events in my calendar I check this not has reminder by default, obviously are many birthday and my question is there’s an option to add a reminder to all the calendar events synchronized by default??? Thanks I hope your help

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  • declan

    hi can someone help me. my sony xperia z2 will not play any videos when im on facebook it keeps saying SORRY BUT AN UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE TRYING TO PLAY THIS VIDEO. what can i do to fix it

  • annoyed girl

    I have the same issues too…i follow some suggestions to clear data..(menu>settings>apps>fb>clear data)

    It works…

    But for a limited time!

    You always have to clear data like forever!!!!


    Why other devices dont have dis issues! Only SONY!!!!!!WTF

  • kats_i

    I’ve started using Xperia Z2 newly. Previously I was using Xperia Arc S where the FB Birthdays are sync in calendar automatically. but now in Z2 only the events are sync whether in calender birthday sync is on. Please help me how to sync the birthdays using Xperia using facebook.

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  • pressefr

    To “export your friends’ birthdays or upcoming events” go to Facebook (Desktop), in Calendar copy URL links, then on Google Calendar import URL. Do steps twice, one for Birthdays one for Upcoming Events.

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  • jsaon

    please can anybody help, I have just go an xperia E5, have tried to use Facebook app but it needs updating, when i click ok it updates, verifies and starts to install but then stops and says sorry,something went wrong, have tried from play store and web but will not do it. All other apps are fine but anything to do with FB (messenger etc.) will not work

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