Sony Ericsson chooses NXP for future NFC-equipped Xperia smartphones

by XB on 16th June 2011

in Xperia - Japan Models

NFCWe know that NFC technology inside modern smartphones is set to become a lot more ubiquitous as time goes on. Technology company, NXP Semiconductors has announced that Sony Ericsson has chosen its NXP PN65 NFC solution for future Android smartphones.

Technically, Sony Ericsson already has a NFC-equipped Xperia in the (Japanese) market already with the Xperia acro, but we would also expect a Western Xperia release at some point in the next 12 months.

  • Anonymous

    Since I’ve been wondering since the original announcement of NFC for android, I asked this question previously elsewhere but no one had any ideas.

    I think it’s great that NFC was picked up by android and that it easily supports the four most common types yet can work with other NFC tag formats and that Sony Ericsson is releasing the Acro and soon more NFC-capable devices since NFC is ubiquitous where I live.  I’m glad that Sony Ericsson will be implementing more NFC in their devices globally moving into the future. 

    All that being said, does anyone think (or know) whether NFC capable handsets without NFC capable versions of android will work with Android’s NFC?

    For example, there are many devices that support Sony FeliCa technology in Japan, but will that same hardware support Android’s implementation of NFC handling?

    Any guesses out there? Or even better, does anyone actually know the answer?


  • Anonymous

    Interesting question. We can’t shed any further light as here in London, NFC is only just starting to roll out in handsets. It’s still at a very early stage. There’s no doubt there will be a big push over the next 2-3 years though.

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