What are your impressions of Facebook inside Xperia? [Discuss]

by XB on 22nd June 2011

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Facebook inside XperiaLast week we posted our review of the Facebook inside Xperia (FiX) feature that rolled out with the new Android 2.3.3 update to the Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY. It is expected to land with all of the new Xperia range, along with the Xperia X10 when it gets the Gingerbread update.

We quite liked the FiX update and if you are a fan of Facebook we suspect you will appreciate the efforts that Sony Ericsson has gone through. We wanted to ask our readers what their impressions of the FiX update were. Do you actually use it? If so, what do you like/dislike about it? Where would you improve on the experience? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Sanderschaeffer

    Zero comments? :o

  • Asad

    dont use facebook so nothing for me

  • Agree

  • Dominic

    very good. better performing than anticipated. however, they shouldve solved the problem of the contact photo size and built it like in the screenshot above. also the like button on the music player doesnt work over 3g connections. only works over wifi

  • K K

    this update is yet to come to india.. so no comments.

  • Snehal Thx

    i only use FB, waiting for more features, like pull to refresh, tag etc etc

  • Photos are inconsistant

  • I have lots of problems with that update.

    -First of all I get “force close errors” all the time with contact list and messaging apps. When you open the contact list, sometimes it takes ages. 
    -The other problem is with the gallery. You can see the photos but when you open one of them you get the network error. I was able the watch the videos that I uploaded to my fb acount for once only. Now i can see all of the videos in my gallery but i cant watch them.
    -I bought my xperia arc from germany. 2 days ago I updated the firmware to 3.0.1.a.0.146 but nothing has been solved yet.

    In the sync menu, you can see there is two facebook acounts. you can notice the Facebook Inside Xperia logo is different. When this acount starts to sync, my phone becomes unresponsive for at least ten mins. The sync takes too much time. I hate it.  

  • yet to come to canada, but mh… with comments like these, they can keep the update at their servers. 

  • not enough useful facebook features no point looking at fb pics in the gallery

  • I just updated but i have a problem, my contact list doesnt updates, only the birthday is appearing but nothing else and it sucks ): anyone has had the same problem?

  • ludwig

    bad idea, at landscape, bad ideas

  • Difficult to turn off. Not for me, so when I tried turning it off, it just won’t. Eventually figured it out, but not without caveats.

  • Jerrick Lim

    There are bad updates and terrible updates. This is the latter. It made some functions of my phone almost completely unusable. The only benefit FB on xperia brought to me was my removal of a badly memory leaking application *NYTimes App* in an attempt to quell the Force Close issues. FB integration works maybe 10 percent of the time, and syncing happens so randomly that it renders the phone unusuable. It is almost as if, by design, that whenever I want to use anything, it will decide to sync. WHY oh WHY can’t the syncing be done when the phone is on Standby is completely beyond me. So the touted new feature makes my phone almost unusuable, and brings into stark relief the flaws of the phone in the first place *Slow processor, insufficient ram*

  • VeKz

    My experiences with FiX are totally different from the negatives down here. I find the update a great improvement over the initial software-version. All the features promised work fine and I’m satisfied with the options. Satisfied, not impressed, as most of the things FiX does, could already be done on a lot of HTC-devices. Still, the Facebook-related things you can do, are useful and keep you busy for some time.
    What is more convincing in my opinion are the other improvements that came with the update. My phone is faster, runs smoother; scrolling through the homescreens is more zippy and the photo-widget is running like it should (compared to the occasionaly hickups it used to have). Overall, the phone seems to have become more stable, so I’m confident to say that the update has made my phone better and more pleasant to use.

  • Sandeeprajaalluri

    hiii sony how can u give a phone that does not have group messaging inbuilt even the 1000 rs phones give that option u havent fixed that prblem its really a disaster ……………i hate my xperia arc …………..

  • APai

    how do you strip of all the crapware related to facebook ? sony should have given an option to strip away facebook integration too.

  • APai

    how did you do it ? can you share the experience ? thanks!

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