Mugen Power 3600mAh battery available for Xperia PLAY

by XB on 28th June 2011

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Mugen Power 3600mAh battery available for Xperia PLAYLast week we forgot to mention that as well as the Xperia arc, Mugen Power has also released its extended battery for the Xperia PLAY. The third-party manufacturer has released a 3600mAh capacity battery for the Xperia PLAY that will set you back $99.95.

This is a more than double capacity increase over the original 1500mAh battery supplied with the Xperia PLAY. Given the size of the battery, it will come with a replacement cover that will make the already relatively thick handset even bigger. Of course it will be great for those extended gaming sessions you may be planning. The battery is currently out of stock but is due back in on 11 July.

  • Guest

    On the site, you can see also an extended battery for the Neo…

  • Je2iah

    Awesome!! Definitely buying one. By the way, a bigger battery but same voltage means more cells, a slower cell drain rate, a gentler individual cell charge rate, a lower overall temperature, and smaller charge/discharge cycles, which for lithium-ion means your battery will last MUCH longer before you have to replace it. What I’m getting at is, not only will you have longer battery life, but your battery’s life potential will decrease slower! Whereas you may have to replace a stock-size battery every year or half year to get the capacity you need out of it if you are recharging it every night, a battery like this will last for years without losing much capacity (if you treat it right, of course)!! So, TOTALLY worth the investment imo. If you find your battery has lost an unacceptable amount of its capacity after just a few months, I would buy this one as a replacement… You won’t have to worry about having to replace the battery again!

    Don’t worry about buying this battery and finding yourself having to replace it because it has lost charge capacity a year down the road. This battery should still hold most of its charge after years, even under poor conditions.

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