Skype video calling hits Xperia neo and Xperia pro

by XB on 30th June 2011

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Skype for NeoSkype has updated its Android app to version 2.0 that now enables 2-way video calling over 3G and Wi-Fi (recommended). The UI has also been redesigned including a new main menu that allows you to easily access your contacts and make calls. The latest version of Skype is available in the Android market right now, or you can scan the QR code below.

Only four Android handsets are currently supported including two Xperia handsets (Neo and Pro), the others being the Google Nexus S and HTC Desire S. However, it is expected to roll out to other Android 2.3 (a prerequisite) handsets “very soon”. How we wish the Xperia arc had a front-facing camera, let’s hope this feature is not omitted from the next SE flagship.

Skype QR code

Via Skype Blog.

  • YO

    This is great, but where is the Xperia Pro?, they’re delaying again and again the release of the Pro, currently news are that it’ll be available on late July this year.  

  • What about the Play! Front facing Camera? Had Skype and Google Video calls on my Nokia N900! Come on skype and google!!!!!

  • Dominic

    Skype video call confirmed to work on xperia arc!

  • I cant get Skype video to work on my Experia Neo. The Skype App in the App store doesn’t list it either.
    Is there another Skype App elsewhere?

  • Great! But Xperia Arc vs Xperia Neo which is one is more better?

    Check it comparison here –                                                                 

  • Guest

    skype video calling does not work on the sony neo !!!

  • lida

    i can make skype calls with xperia j ?

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