Sony Store now selling Xperia arc unlocked in US for $599.99

by XB on 8th July 2011

in Xperia arc

Xperia arcThe Sony Ericsson Xperia arc (LT15a) is now finally on sale in the United States, months after the release in Europe and Asia. It is currently being sold via the Sony Store website for $599.99 and is in stock and ready for dispatch. The website is selling the version unlocked so you’re free to use it with any carrier of your choice.

This does make us wonder that Sony Ericsson must still be having a tough time getting a US carrier to carry one of their handsets. For the company’s 2011 Xperia range only one handset is being sold on contract (Xperia PLAY through Verizon) and given the size of the US market, we would have thought another carrier would have snapped up the Xperia arc by now. Especially considering it is the current flagship, at least until the Xperia duo is announced. Maybe it will be a similar situation to the Xperia X10, where AT&T picked up the handset nearly 6 months after release in other territories. Time is ticking though and new handsets are being announced all the time, SE needs to act fast.

  • usually when companies slash prices its when they are preparing a new product…

  • SonyStyle selling a phone unlocked means it ISN”T going to be picked up by a carrier. SStyle is fully equipped to enabled ATT phones at the store, Verzion’s version of the Play can only be enabled via web purchase. 
     ATT has given no indication that there are any SE phones or devices available or planned this year. SONY branded devices have been announced. ATT is sorely PO’d that the Play is on Verizon without a lot of mods but at the time of the Superbowl, when SE was hawking the Play to carriers, ATT didn’t wasn’t making a move, and Verizon wanted the phone, and made a deal with SE in 2 weeks.  I think however, that $600 is way too much for a 2010 phone. $350-400 would have been more reasonable.

  • betatesterz

    I really do hope you’re correct. I’ve been waiting till my balls are rotting already for the xperia duo…

  • haha me too mate me too lol

  • Waiting for Misty Silver

  • We hope that Sony Ericsson will work on the hardware quality of their phones really soon.   As a small company that put its belief in the Experia X10 line of phones we have been plagued by hardware failures.   Most often the Experia X10 charging connection fails or the charging system itself fails.   Of 10 phones of late, we have had 4 fail.   Some have failed within weeks of replacement.   We ordered our phones in a group for our company and we suspect we received a batch that had problems during the manufacturing cycle.

    Speaking to Sony-Ericsson directly was basically a case of “sorry to hear that, but what would you like us to do about it?”    When we asked if there had been a issue with Experia X10 phones as of late or over the past year the support represenative advised us to check this blog site out and to post any hardware failures here so that Sony-Ericsson could track the problems.   So here is our post.

    We have been advised to ship them at our expense to Sony-Ericsson and pay for repairs.    Our BlackBerry users and Apple phone users have had almost no issues with phones over the past 18 months.
    We have to assess how the current lack of support for quality phones on the Experia X10 line should mean that we advise employees that as a firm we will discontinue support for purchase of this equipment.   We can only hope that Sony-Ericsson sees clear to correct the situation sooner then later.

  • Alvinraygarcia

    i like arc but it should be around 499 USD not 600…

  • Alvinraygarcia

    i like arc but it should be around 499 USD not 600…

  • Alvinraygarcia

    i like arc but it should be around 499 USD not 600…

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