Sony Ericsson LT18i = next Xperia flagship?

by XB on 16th July 2011

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Sony Ericsson has made public the latest UAProf (user-agent profile) for an as-yet unannounced handset with model number LT18i. The codename makes it likely that this handset could be the next flagship from Sony Ericsson following on from the Xperia arc, which has the model number LT15i. UAProfs are used to reveal a device’s properties for web page rendering and MMS exchange.

We have no idea whether this handset is the fabled dual-core Xperia duo that has been doing the rounds recently. The UAProf tells us that the LT18i will come with the same display resolution as the Xperia arc (480 x 854 pixels).

Little else is known about this model, however engineers at Sony Ericsson posted the first sample photo from the LT18i a few days back on Picasa. The photo has since been taken down although not before we managed to save the snap. The image was downsized to a 2MP image, so we have no idea what resolution the image was originally taken at. This could be running the same 8MP Exmor R sensor as the Xperia arc or perhaps something more powerful. Time will tell on that front, in the meantime check out the sample image below.

Sony Ericsson LT18i sample photo

Sony Ericsson Model Names

Xperia active – ST17i
Xperia arc – LT15i
Xperia mini – ST15i
Xperia mini pro – SK17i
Xperia neo – MT15i
Xperia PLAY – R800i
Xperia pro – MK16i
Xperia ray – ST18i

Xperia X10 – X10i
Xperia X10 mini – E10i
Xperia X10 mini pro – U20i
Xperia X8 – E15i

Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman – WT13i
Sony Ericsson txt – CK13i
Sony Ericsson txt pro – CK15i
W8 Walkman – E16i
Walkman WT18i

  • betatesterz

    Sharpness and detail is more or less near the Arc level however contrast and white balance dosn’t look too good in that photo. Of course it could be a prototype thingie.

    Photo is in 16:9 ratio~ Correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t 12MP photos usually 4:3?

    Either way i’m damn looking forward to the next dual core flagship… Though something tells me it’ll only be released around April 2012..

  • Cortex-A8 – it’s not dual core, is it?

  • I want a new phone but i have no money, i have an x10 mini pro and im saving either for PSV or a new SE phone what do you think?

  • Falcon

    It looks more like the X10 only 16 bit colours.

  • Josephcarminenero

    whatever it is i cant wait

  • betatesterz

    Even if it’s just another variant of the Xperia Arc? With the same specs and everything just different size and look?

  • And this looks a little bit strange – LT15i… is it the same?

  • Josephcarminenero

    yes.even in that case.dont get me wrong.i want to see some Dualcore handsets from SE.but still anything new is kinda refreshing

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  • Cddss
  • Anonymous


  • Ruslan Strazhnyk

    Hey, that’s Lund!

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  • What is the model number of Live with walkman?

  • The Sony Arc s is a big disappointment : No front facing camera . what were they thinking ? people want video conference capabilities.  Those who say video conf (Skype calls with Video) is a waste of time, clearly don’t use the service . I can tell you first hand that when talking to loved ones, family (your children) NOTHING beats it.

    In fact if you look at current product range, who ever is in charge of design is making mistakes, sony ray a brilliant product but NO hdmi, therefore mini pc option gone with livedock . Silly omission.NEO V , 5 meg camera . Why ? (a downgrade from NEo original) the market wants at least 8. People will not buy your phones if you downgrade from an older model, like the arc (Ok faster chip, but less functionality).

    Sony please get it right

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