New Sony Ericsson MT11i outed by User Agent Profile

by XB on 29th July 2011

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Sony Ericsson MT11iIt looks like Sony Ericsson has yet another Android handset on the horizon. The Sony Ericsson MT11i and MT11a (for the North American market) has been discovered via the UAProf (user agent profile). UAProfs are used to reveal a device’s properties for web page rendering and MMS exchange.

According to the profile, the phone will come with Android 2.3 and will sport a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. This in itself doesn’t reveal much as it’s pretty like most of Sony Ericsson’s 2011 Xperia range (bar the mini range). However, judging by the model number we can make an intelligent guess that this is a touchscreen handset (no physical keyboard) and will probably sit somewhere below the Xperia Neo (MT15i) in terms of overall specs. That’s all we have for now but we’ll keep you posted with any developments.

  • recursive

    SE should cut the crap with these sub-par handsets and roll out the dual-cores asap. But knowing SE, they will probably only come out once the market has moved on to quad cores.

  • mingguan

    Hope SE can release a DualCore phone this year while it’s still hot. Releasing more Single Core phone won’t help their sale. Good Design plus Unique Camera Quality plus Good Hardware Spec (ie. Dualcore, 1GB RAM, 16/32GB internal Memory…) is the only success to gain more share of market.

  • Ardjet

    I’d rather have them focus on a Xperia Cybershot :P than a dual-core one… A camera that beats or matches Nokia N8. Darn you Symbian!!!

  • betatesterz

    Can only hope the 2nd gen Xmor R sensor will be a huge improvement over the current one. Personally from the way things are going, i don’t think we’ll be seeing cybershot phones anymore. SE is like putting their best hardware into the year’s xperia flagship. The rest of the spinoffs like this are feature phones at lower prices.

  • betatesterz

    I’m only hoping that the rumors are ture that SE will be anouncing their beast of a flagship by september..

  • guest

    1.MT11i MT18i MT22i MT24i MT27i …… 2.LT22i LT24i LT26i LT28i …… 

  • wtf is now that!?!
    SE is trying to push as many phones as Samsung did in clam-shell and portrait-slider era…
    Maybe, just maybe it is a good tactic, because it did worked on Samsung…
    But my advice would be to run here nVidia strategy: ONE high end flagship phone with whom you can rub noses of competition, and all other rubbish mid and entry level devices to come later on…
    It did worked for nVidia, Samsung recently, Apple has similar strategy, so why not to make ULTIMATE phone already?
    Someone once says: there is no perfect phone, because if there is one perfect phone – other phones wouldn’t sell at all…
    It seems to me that now is different time. Everyone wants perfect phone and not to worry about some flaws of his device in some areas, just pay for quality and you got the game!
    Apple is making just one phone people. And they are pretty damn successful at it.
    Why? Because they are trying to push the limits and squeeze as much technology as it can fit into their device. People like that. People like to think that someone other thinks for them! People are just more and more lazy and that is the fact.
    Sony Ericsson, as well as other manufacturers NEED  to re-brand their road map of products in way: ONE ULTIMATE phone (flagship) and dedicate special brand to that phone and not to pollute that brand with other crappy less worth phones. Establish special brand for mid-range devices and also for cheap-shit-crappware.  
    And make huge difference between those brands!!!

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