New update for Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY adds landscape home screen

by XB on 3rd August 2011

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Xperia arc updateSony Ericsson has released a new firmware update for the Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY that brings some new features but keeps the phone at Android 2.3.3. Firmware version number 4.0.A.2.368 updates the handset to include a new landscape mode for the home screen, DLNA compatibility with Digital Home and xLoud that boosts the volume through the speaker. There is also stereo video recording and a selection of new themes.

Seems like a decent albeit minor update for the handsets. The update is available now through PC Companion. If the update hasn’t rolled out to you yet, the global generic file is available over at xda-developers.

Thanks Dyjin!

  • Melviled79

    SE X10 support?

  • Aodonnell10

    So when does it roll out on the x10i or should I not hold my breath?

  • mines not locked to network and i dont have it

  • why not just buy one of the latest phones? they cant keep supporting the x10 its really annoying how people expect sony ericsson to support the x10 on going

  • uliwooly

    Where is the “LANDSCAPE HOMESCREEN”? I have the latest update and I can’t see the landscape mode

  • uliwooly

    Where is the “LANDSCAPE HOMESCREEN”? I have the latest update and I can’t see the landscape mode

  • uliwooly

    Where is the “LANDSCAPE HOMESCREEN”? I have the latest update and I can’t see the landscape mode

  • Me to, dude.

  • Mewhi

    No the X10 is not supported. But there will be Apk files such as Home launcher, settings apk that will be ported out and tweaked for x10 . And the Homescreen is only for PLAY i think? 

    I just flashed it on XDA generic global one. ITS FREAKING AWESOME they made timescape so much uber kewl

  • SE has ONE homescreen for ALL devices…. it will activate and deactivate features depending on the hardware it is installed on…

    Arc, Neo, Ray, X10: Normal launcher just with better perforance, fliying overview of widgets and fixed bugs like sort order
    Xperia Pro, Play: Launcher activates landscape mode on slide open
    mini, mini pro: launcher switches into four-corner mode 

  • adyblers

    Wally, are you kidding me? Why the hell wouldn’t you expect support less than a year after spending upwards of four hundred euro for their ‘flagship’ handset? Microsoft still provide support for Windows XP, hell, even Apple still provide support for far older models than the iphone 4. When you spend the bucks, you deserve the support. It should be demanded as long as the handset is capable of keeping up with the firmware developers. MJ, you are obviously recession proof tycoon’s son, ya muppet. Go throw some change at peasants and make yourself useful. Better yet, go wrap Daddy’s Maybach around a tree. Good lad..

  • Shpanac

    Just open the timescape and turn your phone, so easy

  • update not availalbe for uk generic xperia arc over pc companion or seus. i’ll hold out for a few days

  • Anonymous

    Guys just don’t forget to update your pc companion program in order to get the latest updates for your devices.

  • Melviled79

    Face it! What the X10 has started a new trend at SE . . . None of the new phones from SE has such a following. Need proof?

  • Tonyokoro17

    It’s only a matter of time before the software from this update are ported to the x10 over at xda. A lot of the new widgets are already available together with the bravia engine and now xloud enabled on x10. Most if not all the goodies available in the new line of xperia phones will be ported to the x10. For those ARC owners angry to see the x10 get all this stuff…well tough, that’ll teach you to have more money than sense. Forking out over £400 pounds for what is a very minor upgrade was just plain stupid and time will bare this out.
    For x10 owners, the device lives again since the 2.3.3 update, head over to xda. The development section is once again a flurry of activity. Pity any fool who has the arc on a two year contract… the x10 will be just as good for another year and then it’s dual core here we come when our contracts expire.
    Good times are finally here for the x10.

  • Dear XperiaBlog. Can you also please mention the following in this post. There is also zoom for the camera which was not available before. yes you can now zoom and take a picture! and a new feature called play on device. Where you can view photos or video on another device that supports play on device. I managed to flash the new update using a downloaded ftf file from media fire and flashtool. It works like a charm and the speed of the phone is a lot faster. The new theme feature is also quite excellent.

  • Snehal Thx

    even my landscape home screen isnt working :(

  • Raiden

    LOL !! the UPDATE IS AMAZING MATE !! 100000x of changes

  • sunny

    yeah eve the same prob fo me. cant update 

  • Well any update is appreciated for my xperia Play,but I wish they’d get around to making the video recording Hd capable. I’m sure the camera and phone can handle it.

  • no update yet  <– Philippines

  • Legendheart

    can some one post videos of new themes and launcher in arc?

  • Hx3king

    Still no update here in the UK.

  • can anyone post how the theme looks? or what it changes? like dockbar? wallpaper? thanks!

  • SEUS or PC Companion still doesn’t have the update for me. (PHL)

    I want it NOWWWWW :))

  • me too , PH always get it last :(

  • Dyjin

    Hey guys. Visit if you want more information & be able to flash it before PC companion release update.

    Thanks ~ Dyjin

  • Snehal Thx

    Updated:Sorry for the miss information. The Homescreen Rotation Is only WORKING VIA HDMI on SCREEN (TV). not when you rotate your phone!  it was a miss tell from Sony Ericsson. :D

  • René Alan Flores Ávila

    it doesn’t work for XPERIA PLAY :(

  • Landscape homescreen for arc only works when connected to HDMI or to the dock.

  • Yeah even the last update (to 2.3.3) was never available via OTA, only PC Companion. I’m tempted to use that flashtool to update my phone but I just can’t risk it. Guess I’ll just try with PC Companion every day.

  • i got my update from pc companion too , never had a OTA update, mga 2 months pa to lol

  • Fred

    Anyone from the US get this update yet? 

  • Anonymous

    I always told you SE phones provide you with a unique experience :P

    I’m glad your still using them though hehe

    Miss you bro :D

  • Mail

    Got the update yesterday in Sweden via SEUS . Awesome update !!! Love it :)

  • Lee2k182

    Update for UK Generic released, updating now :)

  • Any News for anyone here in the Philippines?

  • Tonyyang_409

    Hey guys,

    After the update, did you guys notice there’s a difference in terms of style when you text people. On my arc, there’s this huge empty space above the text when i text people..anyone else have that problem? Can we fix this?

  • phsexperia

    update is not yet available here in PH! i really want this update! especially the xloud, hq sound recorder, hr camera zoom, new themes, new keyboard, and new timescape widget!

  • mahdi

    hi SE
    i don’t know why xperia play screen is so dark . but i’m sure that you can increase brightness on a update.
    please do it , xperia play ic a complete phone, but the screen is very dark , just compare with htc , samsung …

    i’m sure that you can , don’t leave this problem alone , like what you have done with mini- mini pro !!!

  • Edgar C. Maack

    Hey guys, for the ones that installed the update already.
    Are your calendar appointments all in pink?I need the calendar to keep google’s calendar colour for each one of them.Thanks for letting em know ;-)

  • Ripley

    The screen is dark because SE has not provided a way for the play to turn off auto brightness.  This is the only gripe I have with this phone. Also the phone comes with a screen protector applied to the screen, which can be taken off.  I have not done this yet, but others have stated it does appear brighter without it. 

  • EddHead

    Update is now available here in the Philippines guys… nifty! Updated my arc and it’s great! Lock screen animation looks awesome, but at first it’s like the unit ran out of battery. landscape for homescreen works only for PLAY and PRO though… sayang! and also, xLOUD really is somehing! visit sonyericsson PH site for details.

  • EddHead

    Added themes though are just the usual “xperia flows”…

  • oh really update is here?

  • pc companion said my phone is up to date?

  • GMan

    When will the update reach Denmark?

  • Søren Bovbjerg

    I already got it (in DK on Telia. Needs PC Companion)

  • EddHead

    Go to Settings > About Phone: for the latest update your android version should be at 2.3.3 and Build number should be 4.0.A.2.368. If not, then yours is still at 2.3.2 (stock). Launch PC Companion, plug in the device, and on the support zone there’s a link that leads to “update software” (ONLY WAY TO UPDATE IS VIA PC COMPANION – here in the Phil at least). Click on it, and the rest should be automatic. It’s a bit tricky though, you have to unplug/plug the device, remove the battery, turn the device on while holding down the “back” key, etc… But there’s a step by step instruction so you won’t be lost. Update is pretty quick, depends on your internet connection. Mine took 40 min ~ 1 hr. Good Luck!

  • did this update wipe your phone?

  • and im at 2.3.3 with build number 3.0.1.A.0.145

  • EddHead

    During the update it says it will wipe phone memory (not the sd card), but after the update, not sure what happened but data/apps on my phone memory is still intact (I missed to backup before the update). I recommend you just do “backup” using PC Companion just in case. It seems like your android version is up to date, but the firmware (build number) isn’t. 

  • EddHead

    Is yours bundled with Smart/Globe? Mine isn’t, maybe this explains why your android version and firmware is like that…

  • nope , mines not bundled with globe or smart , i bought my xperia arc 3-4 months ago

  • wen wiil it be available in india?

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  • still no update here in the philippines

  • Jorim Sampayan

    no update yet here in ph…sigh..

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  • still no update… so people whats up with xperia random shock reboot?? my one continues making me mad … would it be fixed in new firmware or what we have to do ??? i love this phone and don’t wanna change it … but i don’t want rebootings either …

  • EddHead

    Meron na, updated mine 2 weeks ago…

  • Jorim Sampayan

    Hi eddHead, everyday im connecting my phone to pc companion and still its the latest software i got… ive been doing plug and unplugin technique still no update…hays

  • same here

  • Oheddiegc

    Got my Xperia Play the other day and
    already updated to Build 4.0. It is great hardware and the phone
    software is getting better however:

    like my P900 or P1i (or PSP Go, PS3) I
    should be able to operate every single feature in the device using
    the buttons (Playstation controls) without needing to use a touch
    screen; particularly texting/emailing/browsing or toggling
    wifi/bluetooth/brightness buttons.

    Texting and email input should be
    identical to text input on a PSP/PS3, and switch out the crappy
    Android virtual keyboard layout for the one in the Playstation XMB.
    The other major complaint is that the Android 2.3 O/S (in the play &
    Arc) doesn’t expose basic call logging information (and probably
    other oversights) all phones have had. eg if you have a call, text
    or data bundle allowance, that you would reset in the phone after
    billing each month, you have to guess on android or check the network
    for remaining allowance.

    Android will also remain a
    unsatisfactory mobile O/S (compared to UIQ2 or UIQ3) until it offers
    an official file manager (in the phone OS) and provides folder based
    text/email management, rather than the unprofessional conversation
    view everyone is copying from iOS. Conversation view is occasionally
    useful, but it should be optional, like it is using Thunderbird on a
    desktop computer (imo).

    Hopefully the next update will arrive
    (very) soon and make the Playstation controls consistent to using a
    Playstation XMB. The playstation controls represent an implicit
    interface and therefore should be integral part of the phone software
    design, rather than a bolted on after thought as it is now, to what
    is mostly Arc functionality.

  • Jorim Sampayan

    Hi Marc i think wer lagging behind other countries… hays.

  • Lubacanuba

    My phone is up to date still, why no update.

  • Yohaness2886

    it been a month, mine SE ARC in indonesia still dont get the update. When SE in Indonesia get the Latest Update???????

  • Gophercheese

    recieved email from sony ericsson and the lansdcape mode for your homescreen is not available for the xperia arc..what a crock. slightly annoyed now as the update listed landscape mode as a main feature.

  • Lubacanuba10

    Got the update at last, no new themes for me on my arc, also Xloud hardly makes a difference either. Oh and the google voice control thing, Siri on the iPhone 4s wins hands down.

  • Zekhiel8


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