Minecraft Pocket Edition released for Xperia PLAY [Hands-on]

by XB on 16th August 2011

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Minecraft Pocket EditionMojang has finally released Minecraft – Pocket Edition for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY this morning. The game is an Xperia PLAY Android exclusive for a set period of time and is currently available on the Android Market for $6.99 (£4.28). If you fancy giving the game a try before you pay, a free demo is also available.

In traditional Minecraft fashion, the first release is Alpha 0.1 with the devs promising to develop Minecraft PE “for a long time with frequent updates“. This first version focuses on the creative aspects of the game and includes random worlds, as well as allowing you to build anything with 36 different kinds of blocks. You can also invite friends to your world (through local network) and save multi-player worlds on the handset.

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

The introduction screen is a no-nonsense affair with version number prominently under the logo.

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

The options button brings up a settings page, where you can change your multiplayer name, invert controls or enable ‘Fancy graphics’.

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

If you hit ‘Join Games’ it will search your local network for any games being played. Obviously in our case we were all alone. :(

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

When you it the Start button it will ask you to select your world and create one if you’re starting for the first time.

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

After about 20 seconds or so, it will generate your world. You can then select blocks on the touchscreen or just scroll through them with the circle and square buttons on the Xperia Play device. It all feels like traditional Minecraft so far, although we’ve only spent some very quick time with it so far. We look forward to spending some proper time with it over the next few days. If you’ve played Minecraft before, then you should at least go and download the free demo right now!

Minecraft Pocket - Edition

  • Gab

    Why didn’t I buy the Xperia Play? Why did I choose Arc? :(

  • sandeep

    same for me, we get many for Xperia play ..

  • Baal1974
  • ludwig

    why the arc or play??? only have one nucleo, 500 ram very poor features, galaxy s 2 dual proccesator, 1 gb ram.

    this game optimized for xperia play because your capacity is down.

  • Sorry, I just dont get it…

    Why are you – a Samsung Galaxy S2 fanboy – trolling around in a Sony Ericsson Experia Blog, just to tell the Arc and Play owners they havent seen light of Samsung Galaxy S2 like you seems to have.

    Maybe its because Arc and Play owners are satisfied with design, capacity and performance as it is.
    We have both, and using them for their own specific purposes, knowing that the Galaxy S2 is #1 in performance and battery draining. I couldn’t care less.

    Getting on topic again, Xperia Play has the Minecraft app – Galaxy S2 doesn’t – maybe thats why people find the Xperia Play great. (but a bit expensive though)

  • Anonymous

    This is brilliant!  I love these games exclusives. Minecraft here I come.  Hope it doesn’t take over my life too much.  :)

  • Hairychewbacca96

    HHey guys, I just got a experia play and I cant download minecraft it says its not compatible!?can anyone help me with this. I thought it was exclusive to experia play so why wont it work? My model is 800a . Please try and help me. I know im not the only one with this problem.

  • mikey

    how come when I try to download minecraft pocket edition for my xperia play it says my phone isnt compatible does anybody know what this means and how I can make it compatible.

  • Hairychewbacca96

    You probably need to update your phone by using a computer
    Hope it helps :-)

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  • Bendeoo

    :-P :-* F**K YOU

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