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by XB on 31st August 2011

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Xperia arc SSony Ericsson has published the official press release for the newly announced Xperia arc S (LT18i/LT18a). The handset is armed with a single core 1.4GHz chipset (MSM8255T) and will arrive with Android 2.3.4. Sony Ericsson claims that starting up the camera is 25% faster compared to the original 1GHz Xperia arc and web page rendering should be 20% quicker.

Apart from the chipset difference, all other specs/dimensions remain identical to the original Xperia arc. It will come with 512MB RAM and the Adreno 205 GPU. As part of the Android 2.3.4 update the handset will come with 3D Sweep Panorama, which we talked about last week, and Facebook inside Xperia 2.0 that allows you to share details about games and apps.

Sony also announced the Sony Entertainment Network that will allow Xperia customers to get access to over 10 million music tracks from the cloud based subscription Music Unlimited service and all the latest movie releases from the on-demand Video Unlimited service.

The Xperia arc S handset will be available globally from October 2011 and will come in five colours: Pure White, Midnight Blue, Misty Silver, Gloss Black and Sakura Pink. You can find the white paper for the Xperia arc S (LT18i/LT18a) here and full specs here. See below for the first promo pictures/videos along with video hands-on impressions from SE-First.

Xperia arc S

Xperia arc S

Xperia arc S

Xperia arc S

Xperia arc S

  • Raiden

    LOL, anyway if you have already an Arc is better to wait for another new flagship SE maybe with Dual-core and more RAM

  • Asad Mulla

    They should have given us a 1.4 to start with. Its sneaky of SE to do this.

  • Sitabesoindami

    OMG I just love that white cover!

  • Sitabesoindami

    OMG I just love that white cover!

  • VK

    How is this sneaky? Did you expect they wouldn’t update their phones anymore? This is how it goes these days. You buy a phone and two months later, it’s successor is announced..

  • Adrian

    Come on. Why not Adreno 220?

  • Anonymous

    God bless you! I recommend you see here!

  • Anonymous

    The question is : will it suffers from unwanted reboot??
    Or warm/hot

  • Hardly worth an upgrade, considering dual core xperias are only a few months away. Anyone who recently bought an Arc and are tied into contract for a gazillion months must feel a little bit sore that they didn’t wait a little longer to upgrade. How come they didn’t go dual core this time? It’s not like they’re not popular at the moment, and the technology isn’t available to them. Maybe they’ll release a DC Arc sometime around February just to tick off punters who shell out for this ‘flagship’ device. As much as it pains me to admit it, Apple have their business model in the cellphone market just right. Give the customers what they want, limit choice to tease further, and cap the timeline of handset upgrades to sit well with contract expiration dates. By the time they release a new bit of kid, the Apple faithful have grown tired of their old phone (iphone 4) and are chomping at the bit for the lastest version (imminent arrival of iphone 5). Less is often more. SE keep releasing a plethora of new models quarter after quarter. How can SE hope to retain customer loyalty of the flagship phone they sell is substandard after just a few months? I refer as well to the x10 which has played catch up since the day it launched.

    SE still don’t get it.

  • Gsmguru23

    This Sony Ericsson’s latest mobile phone is far better than its predecessor.

  • MindyzZz

    I’d say it’s bullocks , I already have Arc since it’s rolled out, and Im very happy with it (Was quite disappointed with X10), the only thing now we need to wait is October update and we will get everything what this S will have :) Besides the processor of course, and I’d say it would be not a smart idea to buy this S , because its exacly the same. Anyway after 2-4 months they will bring us more better phone, with new design , with normal processor and     more RAM. :) It’s a really mistake for them to release the same phone, with just upgraded processor :D 

  • Damn he wrote that fast! :p

  • Anonymous

    It seems they just wanted to release more colors for the Arc, as they always do with many of their phones. But, this time some retard suggested to upgrade the CPU to make the handset look more appealing  and to bring new customers as well lol.

    I would still prefer they did stick with the original Arc, and when ever they decide to make an upgrade, they make it worth the wait, or simply just wait!

    Anyway, only time will tell if what they did was right or wrong because in the end it all comes to sales.

  • more colours? haha no they released this phone due to the problems that had early in the year with disasters, this phone has a faster processor can you not read? thats a vast improvement along with the memory how is that not better? I would say a dualcore upgrade will depend on how well the Arc S sells.

    The only people who are moaning about this phone are the ones who have an original arc who want this one now :P

  • what do you want them to do give u a phone with everything so u wont buy a new one? lol sony ericsson arent stupid im quite happy to see them releasing better phones and making profit. Every company does it and will continue to

  • dis…

     Yeah i agree SAMSUNG = make.believe

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  • ArcSFB

    you will be waiting till march then

  • how to updated android 4.0???

  • Apiz935

    how to update version ICS for xperia arc S?

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Can’t wait for it!

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