Competition: Win a Leather Pouch Case for your Xperia arc

by XB on 6th September 2011

in Accessories, Xperia arc

Xperia arc caseFollowing on from our recent competition to win a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY case, we thought it was time to show some love towards our Xperia arc readers. MobileFun were generous enough to send over a black leather pouch case with pull cord strap for the Xperia arc. MobileFun are one of the largest European suppliers of mobile accessories and sell a wide range of Sony Ericsson Xperia arc cases.

The case retails for £19.95 on their website and has already garnered some good reviews. The case will also fit the upcoming Xperia arc S, so if you are planning to buy it you may want to enter this compo. To enter the competition all you have to do is leave a comment below. We will pick a winner randomly when the competition closes at midnight (GMT) on Monday 12 September 2011. Good luck!

Rules: 1) Please leave a valid email address as we will be using this to contact you, 2) once contacted, if we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another winner, 3) only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address), 4) this competition is open to our readers worldwide.

  • Nice compétition :D

  • Jeffrey Ip

    I want the leather case!!! I can’t find any decent ones in HK.

  • Giovanni Gonzalez

    Yo quiero ganar… – I love my Xperia Arc!

  • Keljin

    Cool case..gotta get it!!!

  • Dipanjan Sarkar

    Nice, hope i can win it :)

  • Kazushiakira

    nice thing

  • Dmitrii

    That must be the Leather Pouch Case for my future Xperia arc S!

  • squeak

    Yes please :-)

  • anurag
  • David Reagen
  • Nakeeb Shaikh

    will this work for Xperia Mini Pro ? ..

  • Mingguan

    I wish to have one!!!

  • arc owner

    It’s time to win!

  • Christian Tyson

    I would love to win that case.

  • AdamUpNorth

    I so need a case for my ARC.

  • Dawes686

    could do with a great case like that please

  • David DKMK

    XPERIA BLOG is a great site!!! Always with the fastest info on XPERIA devices!! I love them!!!
    It would be a bonus to win the case. In any case, I wll still support you. Thanks XPERIA BLOG!

    David DKMK

  • I need a case so I can party and not break my Arc! Starting uni in a couple of weeks :D

  • David DKMK

    XPERIA BLOG is a great site!!! Always with the fastest info on XPERIA devices!! I love them!!!
    It would be a bonus to win the case. In any case, I wll still support you. Thanks XPERIA BLOG!

    David DKMK

  • This black leather pouch case would fit perfect to my black Arc ;)

  • Satra21

    love xperiablog 

    satra21@google:disqus .com

  • Liam Burke

    Would love a case to protect my arc

  • Nikvikon

    great prize

  • Mr.Alawi

    nice great job Xperiablog
    at last some accessorie for arc which i almost lost hope :)

    Alawi Syed

  • Nasko
  • Asahi77

    NIce case, this could be my first for phone. :)

  • Chendler

    It´s time to win! [Je ?as na výhru!]

  • Micheal Archer

    I could use a case for the arc.

  • Edgar C. Maack

    Looks good!

  • Mufaddal Gulshan

    I need this cover. As sexy as the arc.

  • Stanley

    Love it!!! My future Xperia Arc S and the Case!! =P
    Thank you XPERIA BLOG, Love you guys!

  • John

    Looks cool..

  • usman

    the only thing i don’t have for my arc. i have everything else. 

  • Bader Wirin

    Nice Case … !!

    Bader Wirin

  • will

    wow a nice one!!

  • Adyblers

    Looks pretty sweet

  • Lee2k182

    Send it my way would you please!? :D

  • Marco Miniussi

    Just perfect for my shiny brand new arc S ;)

  • Big Whoop

    nothing is random in life

  • Nali


  • Ashz


  • I dont want to hear another ARC! let them unite! :)

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this will prevent from reboot my arc ;)

  • Freeoscar84

    Pick me up plZ

  • Dan Phelps

    I need a nice case for my Arc

  • Stevebruce

    I had a similar case for my HTC Desire and it was fab. Pull cord is very easy to use. I now have the Arc and loving every minute of it. :)

  • Robert

    Amazing case! will be wonderful for my Arc

  • Leuvctr

    i like arcS….:)))

  • Dnoadams

    Would love this for my arc, I am still using my old X10’s PDAir case. on an aesthetics point of view the Arcs head pops out the top!

  • wakhas

     i want on please

  • Dardani_1950

    I have an xperia arc for 3 month now and its the best phone i had. I enjoy to see the arc S :)

  • LoL
  • ChenG

    haven’t got pouch for my arc, could be a chance to get myself one =)

  • Kinvince

    Thanks for the present, hope I can get it.

  • rugman

    That case looks cool

  • Cmby Global

    my xperia came with one of those but i lost it, i need another one. Thanks

  • Limz1988

    Looks nice. Been using arc for a month now. So far so good ;)

  • Tonyyang_409
  • I Love that Leather case, Here in the Philippines, there are no Accessories available for Sony Ericsson, and I don’t have a Credit card or Paypal accounts to buy some accessories online.

    I hope I can win this Beautiful Leather Pouch :D

  • Chaurjyh

    I’m definitely switching to Arc S when my contract ends at the end of sept…

  • JD

    Count me in.

  • JD

    Count me in.

  • JD

    Count me in.

  • This is a nice one. Thanks guys…

  • Patil Jayesh339

    Xperia Arc S—Smart,Stylish,Sexy phone by Sony Ericsson for Smart,Stylish,Sexy person like me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harvestasha

    Love it will buy it asap when it comes out

  • Arturo

    I want it :)

  • rssd21


  • Gena0609

    I want it. It will be a good present for my birthday :-)

  • Jeremy Fernandez

    pls choose me im one of your regular daily visitor in your blog… :)

    i insanely craving for your prize

  • I love it …

  • Albert Octavianus

    wow, this is what i want! count me in!

  • Jeremy Fernandez

    leather case for arc! nice

  • Jeremy Fernandez

    nice ;)

  • Alexk karlsson

    Wohoo, leather case for my Arcy!!! Which I am using right now:p

  • toche

    Nice leather..really good lemme have my fingers crossed

  • Preethi S

    WoW a leather case!! I hope i win it :):):):)

  • Vling2007

    luvin’ my arc…

  • Kelvin

    nice case

  • Selvakumar T
  • I want it, it should be mine

    I want it 

  • Simon Teo

    I want to get the new Xperia Arc S and a new cover to go with it will be fantastic!

  • Nagendra Mahadevrao

    pretty much impressed with arc, do love the accessories!!

  • Anonymous

    Only waiting for the Xperia S to be released!

  • Chris

    Can I win it? ;-)

  • Harman Singh
  • Vigfer 90

    Love it, as my arc….. :)

  • Shpanac

    the best phone I ever had, so lucky to have it.
    Now I need a little bit of luck to win this sweet case.
    Thanks xperiablog

  • Sergejus Volkovas


  • Sergejus Volkovas

    yes please!

  • Vivek Kutty

    Protect my arc with leather… PLEEEEZE :D

  • Stako2009

    I really want to protect my phone from being scratched!!!

  • Cristian

    I want this :D

  • Anders

    Would be handy :)

    // Anders

  • Rc nitura

    it will help me to protect the chrome of my arc

  • GreG

    Thanks xperiablog for a such amazing gift and for all the news that are offered to us !You’re the best :) 

  • Marvin

    pick me! :-D

  • Jesse Laatu

    As the topic is kind of free here, I want to say that I love this site and it was good that I found this after I bought my Xperia Arc.

  • nice offer , this very nice site to know information about xperia family1

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I want it!

  • Lejla

    Hey, this is great!
    I wozuld like to have it for my husband.
    Pleeeease :)

  • Hannade

    uhm Xperiablog Rulezzz! so pick me please!!!!

  • Xperiablog

    Sure, I’ll take one.  It’ll be good to see if it can stop you from accidentally pressing the menu button while the phone’s in your pocket!

  • Hakan Rex

    Me please :-D

  • adsada



  • Somath_kong

    i love sony

  • Gokhan

    Would love one of those :o

  • Mohcine

    I’d love to win this for my arc!

  • Anonymous

    I like the case, can I have one?
    my email is burjua-at-live-dot-com

  • Franco Guerzoni

    oh yeah… Leather… To make my Arc look like a rockstar xD

  • goku

    hello guys..i need leather for my arc

  • Quannguyen1604

    My arc would loved one!

  • Jobert

    awesome site for xperia!

  • Anonymous

    Update 2.3.3 this morning

  • Looks like an original one

  • Nishant Arya 18

    On this earth ive left my mark…by choosing the sony ericsson xperia arc.,. :))

  • Lamducthien
  • Yerlan Alpysbayev

    nice case)))

  • Mohd Fuad Mohd Said

    Xperia Arc is my first Android phone ever and I have been using iPhone for two years before, so I am very excited about this slim and light phone yet very responsive!

  • Bic

    I loves my Arc and I really need a good case for it! This one looks really, really nice as well!

  • linuxx

    Nice pouch!

  • King_Mickey

    Nice! I want one :D

  • Vu Duong

    Hope that I can get this case for my Arc :)


  • Mohamed Firdaus

    looks sleek! my sister will love it ;)

  • Coolmrsoftie

    Please let me win!

  • Robertyunatv
  • Marcy

    booo ya im getting the case!

  • Von

    What a great giveaway!

  • Mandrazhe

    Good pouch!

  • Philiphong34

    my ARC needs a jacket

  • Mcaiella
  • Nik
    I wud luv to hv a jacket :-)

  • Alexandre Cereja Sanchez

    My Arc needs that jacket!!

  • Anyaa Arc

    would love the case..

  • Hope I win!

  • andres

    I Want the case!

  • Yessy Wisnuadi

    although my current phone is X8, but my next phone will be Xperia Arc or Arc S(!!)

  • Esebastian
  • Jhors

    That leather Case will be mine!!!

  • Andrey Pampukha I love my Arc :)

  • Jamcute_bluemark

    ..i want those case for my xperia..

  • Mobi

    My arc is full of scratches! ;-)

  • Vangelis Ts.

    I’m in, too!

  • Dickson
  • Rolati

    hope to get my arc this life jacket :)

  • mcmorais23

    Give me one of these, I want one, I need one, please!

  • Vivek   Will the case be good for the Arc S as well ?

  • mo3taz

    lol I would like one :D

  • LY

    Great! So lucky that I did not miss this! This will be perfect for my xperia Arc!!

  • Anonymous
  • Andere Dingen

    nice looking case;)

  • Anonymous

    Many thanks for all of the entries – we’ll pick a winner in the next day or two. :)

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