Sony Ericsson to update 2011 Xperia range to Android Ice Cream Sandwich

by XB on 8th September 2011

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Xperia ICSGoogle has kept a closed lid on what exactly we should be expecting for the next major Android iteration dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). It is believed that ICS will marry both the smartphone and tablet UIs, but apart from that little is known. Just yesterday Google’s Eric Schmidt inadvertently leaked the release date of ICS as October/November during an interview, so hopefully further details will be forthcoming shortly.

However, it’s good to know that Sony Ericsson confirmed to SoMobile that owners of the 2011 Xperia range will be getting this update at some point in the future (no timeline was specified). To keep us going in the mean time, Sony Ericsson will also be releasing the Android 2.3.4 update in October that will bring video Gtalk, a 3D panorama feature and further enhancements to Facebook inside Xperia.

Thanks Carly!

  • great news!! :)

  • AlgNerd

    Will it be available for the X10??

  • mmmyyyhh

    i hope not, x10 owners are so annoying get a new phone, that phone has limited upgradibility and i dont see why sony ericsson should waste time updating it instead of driving forward

  • sefbarcs

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  • Good news :D Great job by SE to decide to support their devices for once (yeah yeah they changed their mind about the X10 but it wasn’t meant to be from the start though).

    @fec0682616f08015fec1d98719afc69c:disqus I doubt it, they’re saying the 2011 Xperia Line, and the X10 is from the 2010 Xperia Line. But who knows but SE themselves really? :P

  • Leo

    I hope that X10 will also have the update for the last time. 
    After X10, there is no flagship model, except Arc. However, not much people want to spend much money as their is not much different between Arc and X10, except 0.2 inch large screen and a better CMOS sensor for photos; but no other. 
    I wish that SE will provide X10 update, unless they launch a dual core device for customer having an excuse to upgrade their phone with significant difference on hardware and performance.   

  • Anonymous

    Trolling, right? The difference between the Arc and X10 is like night and day. The speed of the Arc runs circles around the X10, the phone is half as thick, has much better battery life and looks so much better.

    Also, the X10 will be nearing 2 years old by that time. There isn’t a single Android manufacturer still dedicating resources to a 2 year old phone. None.

  • I completely agree. X10 owners are getting annoyingly tiring now. Back in the 1.6 days it was understandable. in the early 2.1 days it was acceptable, but the later it got the more tiring it got. SE went and suprised everyone anyway by giving them 2.3. Now they aren’t happy that it’s on 2.3 and want ICS before it’s even got a release date! Sorry but by time ICS is out (according to the leak), X10 will be fast approaching 2 years old. Some people are just ponses who think they can milk a phone as “high end” for the rest of their lifes…

  • I had the X10 and now I have the arc. The 2 phones are only vaguely comparable in performance. If you don’t want to spend the money, then don’t expect everything to be handed on a plate. Now if it had been 6 months of upset, I would completely understand, but moaning, whinging and whining over the fact a phone that’s fast approaching 2 years old isn’t top of the range by todays standards, it’s just silly.

  • I hope to god the X10 owners don’t get a hold of this. Not for any particular reason other than “haha, now buy a new phone and stop complaining”.

  • Asad Mulla

    Your so right. I can just see it, X10 owners will say “dont forget us give us ICS aswell” 2.3 for X10 is more than you should get.

  • Micheal Archer

    As an X10 owner, I can say that I do not expect to receive this update (and the update to 2.3 was a generous offering from SE).  My expectations for smartphones is that the device manufacturer should provide software updates, but not necessarily updates to the OS.  The updates should come out for a reasonable lifetime for the phone, more than 1 year, but not necessarily forever.  The X10 is probably at it’s limits for making use of the newer Android versions anyway, trying to pack any more in and you get a worse phone than when you started.

    Of course, I probably don’t speak for most X10 owners…

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