Sony Ericsson Xmas marketing push to focus on Xperia ray and Xperia arc S

by XB on 9th September 2011

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Xperia ray and Xperia arc SSony Ericsson UK will focus its marketing efforts on the recently released 3.3-inch Xperia ray and upcoming 4.2-inch Xperia arc S in the run up to Christmas. UK marketing director David Hilton recently told Mobile that the “Xperia Ray will get the biggest amount of investment, including a TV campaign. It’s got everything the Arc has in terms of power and technology, but with a more compact design”.

He went on to say that the “Xperia arc S and the Xperia ray will give us two very strong products that will appeal to the high-end and mainstream audiences. The mid-tier is not that well serviced with affordable, but very high-quality smartphones, so the ray will allow us to compete better in that market.” At £300 the Xperia ray does look like good value for money, especially since it only lacks a HDMI and some screen real estate from the Xperia arc S.

  • sefan

    great news



  • Anonymous

    I wish SE would put some focus on the Xperia Pro (releasing it would be a start!). It’s one of the few devices that looks to be vastly superior to the competition and SE seem to have scored a big own goal by neglecting it.

  • Ehh, get it replaced?

  • Leo Lo

    I also looked forward to Xperia pro early this year. However, due to the disaster in JP. Release date on Xperia pro delay and will come in Oct (I guess). This make it less attractive on the hardware spec.  And I now have less motivation to buy Xperia Pro unless it is really in a competitive price otherwise, I will wait for have Xperia pro S or other model. 

  • Pa

    will the price of xperia ray drop around christmas time or it be the same price?

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