Xperia arc S benchmarked; outperformance over original not clear cut

by XB on 9th September 2011

in Xperia arc

Xperia arc S Vellamo BenchmarkThe Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S is due to launch shortly and will boast a 1.4GHz processor over its 1GHz predecessor. Slashgear recently ran some benchmark tests that shows whilst in certain scenarios the arc S may be visibly faster, in others it is likely to feel no different to the original.

They ran the Quadrant benchmark on the Xperia arc S scoring 1542, this is just a 9% increase over our resident stock Xperia arc (with no overclocking). The Vellamo benchmark proved much different though with Slashgear reporting a score of 998, obliterating our score of 679 i.e. a 47% increase. It goes to show that current Xperia arc owners have absolutely no need to upgrade (especially as there are ways to overclock the handset yourself), however for newcomers it is likely to be a nice boost and helps to compete against those dual-core devices on the market.

  • Dubaiboy


  • there is a very simple reason for this different results….

    Vellamo is a Web rendering benchmark…. so it just uses CPU power for all tests….. plus new firmware with a bit better optimization the 47% increase is logically….

    but quadrant has only a small part of CPU tests…. there are also memory tests (the same hardware) flash tests  
    (the same hardware) graphic benchmarks  
    (the same hardware)
     and a few other tests that are not CPU relevant…

    thast means that this more CPU power has only a small part of the overall result and results in just 9% more power…. 

  • sefan

    very misleading information, the arc is is 40%  faster than the arc i suggest you check again

  • Lol and i just ran quadrant
    on my stock Mini
    and got 1540. I love my phone :p

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