Xperia mini pro plagued by electrostatic noise issue

by XB on 14th September 2011

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ElectrostaticSony Ericsson Xperia pro owners all over the world are reporting electrostatic noise issues on their handsets. The problem is easily identified when recording video. Once you playback the video at high volumes you can hear electrostatic crackling in the background. The noise is also apparent when you place the earpiece/headphone jack to your ear and the homescreen is on. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, it doesn’t sound healthy and we can confirm that both of these scenarios exist on our test handset.

Sony Ericsson acknowledges there is a problem and has said “the noise is caused by the tuning of the secondary microphone [which is] too sensitive and can be perceived especially in silent environments. Tuning is software related so a software update should solve the issue“. Another representative said that this issue “will be fixed in a future software update for the phone“, although timing remains unknown right now. Let’s hope this is a software issue. The last thing SE needs right now is a hardware recall. See the videos below that highlight the issue. If you also have a problem on your Xperia mini pro, voice your concerns in the official support forum.

  • finity!

    It’s good that SE fast respond to problem and expect to fix it very soon

  • Mehdi Moha

    time to belive SE as best support company :)

    i’m in love with my beauty xperia play

  • Baha Lahham

    I have the same problem too, and i thought it’s my cell phone only !! but i really hope they fix this issue as soon as possible, it makes me sick when i record a clip!!! :S

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  • atomdragon4

    I’ve identified the problem!

    Check video out!

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