Sony Ericsson LiveSound headset bundled with Xperia ray in UK

by XB on 17th September 2011

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Xperia ray LiveSoundThose of you in the UK thinking of purchasing the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray have just got an extra incentive. Sony Ericsson is bundling their latest LiveSound headset with the Xperia ray which sounds like a great deal to us. Considering that the sim-free Xperia ray is on sale for around £275 and that the LiveSound headset retails on its own for around £50, it makes a good deal even sweeter.

We suspect that SE may also be bundling LiveSound in other Xperia ray packages around the world, although we’ve not heard confirmation of this, so it may just be UK specific. If you’ve recently purchased the Xperia ray let us know in the comments which country you got it from and what you received inside the box. In the meantime, see the video below, which shows the headset bundled in the UK retail Xperia ray box.

  • Cain

    Nordic kits also :)

  • Asad

    I bought it on Vodafone uk but I didnt get livesound Headset????

  • Asad Mulla


  • Asad Mulla

    There is no vodafone branding on the box or on the phone external but still no livesound

  • Jean1000695

    No Livesound in the Singapore xperia ray package; just the normal headset.

  • Snehal Thx

    these really dont fit in ma ears, i love apple the one with mic, but they are incompatible with my arc,
    even bose and others aint working, wtf, sony should come out with standard 3.5mm jack!!

  • Asad Mulla

    Sony phones do have the 3.5mm jack

  • Snehal Thx

    yes but other ear buds with mic doesn’t work on sony. it gives mono output. 

  • Mankalrocks

    what about the livesound headset in india?????????

  • thomas dk

    I got one!
    i am from denmark

  • Lord Emu of Hawkstown

    Because Apple products are renowned for their compatibility with other brands? ‘wtf’

  • India_is_great

    same question .. help ppl

  • Joho80

    Hi thomas dk

    Sounds cool with the bundled Livesound! Where did you buy it?

  • Mdsaifuln

    When it would be in Bangladesh? please inform me? i am getting mad for it. mail me if you please at mdsaifuln@yahoo:disqus .com

  • tell me one thing please which which country got the sony ericsson  LIVESOUND headset. can be get in Bangladesh?, if it when? please inform me. why its late.

  • Sundeep Chaudhary

    I don’t got it.
    I am an Indian but i just got the old and cheap Sony Ericsson headset
    I hate them and they are not fully fit in the ears
    I expected Sony Ericsson Live Sound at least in a country like India

  • Sundeep Chaudhary

    In New Delhi, India
    i got those stupid and cheap Sony Ericsson headset
    I expected Sony Ericsson Live Sound

  • red

    i got mine from Philipnes and it does not include livesnd hdset

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