Xperia ray Review

by XB on 22nd September 2011

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Xperia raySony Ericsson has released a large number of Android handsets this year under the Xperia brand, eight in total and this doesn’t include the minor variants of the Xperia arc (arc S) and Xperia neo (neo V). We have been testing Sony Ericsson’s newest handset, the Xperia ray and it’s safe to say that it is one of the most attractive both in looks, features and value.

We have been lucky enough to have played with almost all of the Xperia handsets, bar the Xperia pro, which still hasn’t been released in most territories. Our review will cover where the Xperia ray differs from the current Xperia lineup, both positive and negative. We’ll concentrate mainly on the hardware and less on the software as the latter is largely similar across all Xperia handsets and is constantly evolving (as covered by the blog). Click through for our full thoughts on the handset.


When you first hold the Xperia ray in your hands, what is most immediately apparent is the slightly unusual shape. The Xperia ray has a 3.3-inch display with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. However, this is packed into a chassis that is 53mm in width (same as the Xperia mini pro) and 111mm tall – this makes it 19mm taller than the mini pro. So whereas the mini pro feels like a more traditional shape for a phone size (albeit smaller), the Xperia ray seems somewhat elongated. Whilst this feels a bit strange at first, you do get used to it pretty quickly.

2011 Xperia range plus X10 Xperia arc, Xperia ray, Xperia mini
Left picture (from left to right) – Xperia arc, Xperia X10, Xperia PLAY, Xperia ray, Xperia mini pro
Right picture (from left to right) – Xperia arc, Xperia ray and Xperia mini pro

Apart from the shape, the phone feels very nice in the hand. We have been playing with a black model, which comes with a matte (almost rubbery) back cover that means there is little chance of clouding the handset with fingerprint marks. The aluminium chassis is mostly felt in the sides of the handset and gives it a nice premium feel. The handset is one of the lightest Xperia models coming in at 100g, lighter than even the 3-inch Xperia X8.

Xperia ray Review

A piece of glass covers almost the entire front face of the handset making it a very attractive handset to look at. This combined with the aluminium chassis means that the phone feels very sturdy in the hand, with no noticeable creaking. The front of the handset has just one physical button (for Home) and uses touch sensitive buttons for the back and menu functions. This is much like the Xperia mini pro, however Sony Ericsson did not include backlit keys for the back/menu buttons which is a shame as these do exist on the mini pro.

Xperia ray Review
The Xperia ray has no backlit keys – Xperia ray on left, Xperia mini pro on right

There is also no indicator light, instead the arc around the home button will light up in various colours to give notifications i.e. red when battery low, green when battery full, flashing green when you have missed calls/messages etc.

Xperia ray Review

The only thing you’ll find on the front face of the handset is an all-important front-facing camera, which is non-existent on the Xperia arc. It’s nice to see its inclusion here, especially considering the thin chassis.

Thankfully, the designers of the handset put a much better power button on the top of the Xperia ray, compared to the stiff little button on the Xperia arc. The button protrudes a little and has excellent feedback, which means locking the handset isn’t the challenge it is on the arc. The Xperia ray also wins brownie points for putting a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the handset (both the Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY had the jack inexplicably on the side). The plastic surrounding the headphone jack has also been raised, whereas normally you just find a hole. We speculate that this may have been done to reinforce the plastic to avoid cracking, a problem we have seen on many people’s Xperia arc’s, including our own.

Xperia ray Review

On the right side of the handset, you’ll notice that there is no dedicated camera button. This may be an issue to some, but personally we have no problems using touch capture. The volume on/off keys are quite narrow but feedback is good and we didn’t have any problems hitting the desired key whilst on a call. The left side of the handset has a micro-USB socket.

Xperia ray Review


Moving on from the design, one of the highlights of the Xperia ray has to be its display. It has the highest PPI of any Xperia handset at 297 PPI and it certainly shows with pin-sharp text rendering. It makes us long even more for a similar pixel density in a larger screen device as it’s somewhat difficult to go back to the Xperia arc once you’ve seen how sharp the screen can be. This is a TFT LCD display, but visibility in sunlight is still reasonably good as with other Xperia handsets. It also comes with the Bravia engine that helps with contrast and saturation when viewing media on the phone.

One disappointing aspect is the screen sensitivity. Now we’re not sure whether we’re alone on this, but we had problems with touchscreen sensitivity on more than one occasion. We found that we needed to tap two or three times to register a command. Sometimes pressing harder on the screen would work, but given that this is a capacitive and not resistive screen, we wonder why this should be the case. We’re not sure exactly what’s behind the issue, but it was enough of a problem to prove frustrating.


The Xperia ray is probably the company’s first small form-factor handset to come with the same capacity 1500mAh battery of the larger Xperia ‘s (arc, PLAY, neo etc). Normally Sony Ericsson sticks in a 1200mAh battery for the mini line-up along with last year’s Xperia X8.

We have heard of a number of complaints from people about the Xperia ray battery life, but we’ve not experienced this ourselves. The battery life has been broadly similar the other larger Xperia handsets and will most likely last around a day and a half before needing more juice.

Xperia ray Review


Despite having an 8.1MP camera sensor and LED flash the camera is a bit of a disappointment. We are somewhat perplexed why Sony Ericsson did not employ the use of a Flash setting, instead you get a Photo Light On/Off toggle in the settings (much like the Xperia X10). However, whereas the X10 was limited by the Android version at the time, there is absolutely no reason why Sony Ericsson should not have Flash enabled. It seems as if the company doesn’t want to cannibalise sales of its higher end Xperia arc handset, but as this appears to be a software limitation hopefully a workaround will come out soon. Staying with the camera, it’s also a shame that there is no dedicated shutter button. However, we’ve gotten used to using the touch capture function so it’s no big deal to us, although we imagine it will be to others.

Xperia ray camera settings

Camera settings – Xperia ray uses a Photo light instead of flash

In terms of the quality of the photos themselves, we found them to be perfectly acceptable and towards the top tier from an Android phone. However, photo samples did appear softer than those compared to the Xperia arc. See some samples below.


Ever since the Xperia X10 had very low earpiece volumes, this is something that we always test first, especially since it is critical in using any phone. Luckily, much like most of the 2011 range of Xperia handsets, earpiece volume for the Xperia ray volume is very good. The same can be said of the speaker which packs a punch above its weight and is certainly loud enough for most usage scenarios bar the loudest ambient noise.


As mentioned earlier this is not an area we’ll concentrate too much on, but we wanted to mention two things. Firstly, typing on the keyboard is a PITA. Despite having the same resolution as the larger Xperia phones, given the narrow width of the handset, Sony Ericsson uses an alphanumeric keyboard as the default.

Xperia ray keyboard

This can be changed to a QWERTY one in the options, but this is nigh on unusable in portrait mode given the size of the display. The problem is that when you switch to QWERTY in landscape mode it will often block the text that you are writing. When you compound all of this with the touchscreen sensitivity issues we mentioned above and typing can be a tiresome process.

Xperia ray keyboard landscape

On a more positive note, we noticed that Sony Ericsson has bundled some new energy saving software with the Xperia ray. The ‘Power save mode’ is an app that allows you to set certain parameters for each feature of your phone (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Brightness, Screen timeout, Animation, Background data traffic, Auto-sync and Notification), so that if you are running out of battery you can enable this mode to automatically switch all unnecessary processes off to save battery. It’s a nifty function that we’re sure will appear on other Xperia handsets soon.

Power Saving mode Power saving mode


The Xperia ray is one of Sony Ericsson’s best offerings in 2011. The main feature it lacks versus its bigger brothers the Xperia arc and Xperia neo is the lack of HDMI. Whilst this is a shame, it would only have increased the cost and this is where Sony Ericsson will try to hit hard to compete against some strong competition. There are a few flaws though, the biggest for us being the touchscreen sensitivity and typing. The latter can be helped by using the Swype input text method (or SE’s own Swipe method in the Android 2.3.4 update), but the screen sensitivity issues do remain. Also, don’t expect the same camera performance as the Xperia arc, pictures come out softer and there is no Flash, just an on/off toggle for the photo light.

If you can work around these issues, we think this is one of the best all rounders that Sony Ericsson has produced in a while. It’s just a shame that all of the marketing has been targeted to prospective female customers as there is no shame in any man owning this phone. It is sleek, good looking and has a good feature set. At a sim-free price of £275 in the UK including the bundled Sony Ericsson Livesound headset (that normally retails for £50 on its own) we think the Xperia ray offers superb value overall.

Xperia ray Review

  • adsada

    Good review, I think the fact this phone targets the female audience is the key in its marketing. Though it is fine for a male to  have, it clearly would suit someone who wants a small fashionable device. Also the small screen I don’t think is an issue as the ergonomic suit woman who typically have smaller fingers.

  • Asad Mulla

    Love this phone. Bought it for the wife. I have the arc but the one feel and looks really nice.

  • Alexander

    Great review, spot on. Except for the screen sensitivity, since I don’t feel any lag or lack of response as you described above at all with my Ray.

  • Good review. Would it be possible to tell us more about that powersaving feature? What the options are for the different items and so on.
    I’d just like an idea of what to expect when the 2.3.4 update hits(if that app is in it) with my Mini.

    EDIT: How is the speed compared to a Mini? I figured that it would be slower in games and browsing with the larger screen resolution, but is it?

  • Anonymous

    The Power save mode options are pretty basic and you can probably guess what most of them are by looking at the screenshots above. For example, for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/Data traffic/Auto-sync you get options to turn on/off or keep current setting. For others like brightness and animation you can adjust these to whatever you like.

    In terms of speed, the handset is no slouch. We certainly have not noticed any performance differences from this and the Xperia mini family – even in browsing. We’ve not tested games extensively in both, so there may be a difference there, but given it is the same chipsets as used in the arc, neo, PLAY we don’t think there’ll be any issues.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it was just our unit, it’s difficult to say. However, we did come across another reviewer that said something similar (

    Comparing the screen to all of the other Xperia handsets, there is definitely a difference. We’ll never know exactly what touchscreen/display combo SE is using for the ray compared to other Xperia handsets, but it doesn’t seem as if it’s from the same supplier.

  • Whattodowhattodo

    Cheers for the review.  Deciding between this and the original Arc at the moment but wondering if this model also has the ANT+ connectivity?  Sony Ericsson’s website seems to indicate it doesn’t yet a Google search seems to bring up some FCC-related story that indicates it does.  Any chance you could clarify?

  • Anonymous

    Tbh I’d love to check, but I’ve got no idea how to find out if it has an ANT+ radio. Any ideas?

  • Whattodowhattodo

    Unfortunately I have no previous experience with any ANT+ products but it’s one of the main reasons I’m considering the SE phones as the technology and functionality on offer seem to rival those of standalone cycle computers/HRMs.  There is an ANT+ Demo app available ( but I would guess that it requires an ANT+ compatible sensor such as a heart-rate strap or cadence sensor to establish a connection and put the device to the test.  

  • Asdfaf

    I was considering this phone, but the missing flash and the keyboard issue = FAIL. Waiting for Samsung Galaxy W reviews instead.

  • Anonymous

    criticism is important for improvment, however, over criticism is not a good think at all. The review was fine but I just felt the writer did mostly focus on the bad side of the phone.

    This is one of the best xperia handsets for 2011, yes it has some flaws just like any other phone. But come on you really made it look terrible. You just kept complaining all the time which was pretty annoying really.

    Nontheless, the blog is still great and it’s indeed one of the best sources regarding SE android phones. 

  • Anonymous

    were you really considering this phone? It seems you’re more of a samsung fanboy that is having nightmares lately because of the amazing xperia lineup SE offers :D

  • Anonymous

    Precisely – there is no ANT+ app bundled in any of the Xperia phones. There’s no mention of it on any of the retail boxes nor the manual either! SE don’t make it easy!

  • Anonymous

    Tbh, our main gripe was the screen sensitivity. We’d love to get hold of another unit to see if it was any different. This phone IS one of the best SE has released this year – we’d much rather choose this than the neo, but we needed to highlight the negatives too.

    We have to tread a fine line as many think being an Xperia blog we’re always going to be biased, but we try to tell it as it is – good and bad.

  • Dirk

    XperiaBlog… earlier you said “This phone IS one of the best SE has released this year – we’d much rather choose this than the neo, but we needed to highlight the negatives too.”

    Can you please tell me why you would choose this one rather than the Neo? It’s the first time I’m going to buy a smart phone and a touchscreen phone. At first I wanted to buy the Mini Pro because it has a keyboard. Then I decided to go for the Ray because the screen is a little bit bigger and has a higher resolution. Now my final doubt is between the Ray and the Neo, becuase the Neo has a bit bigger screen than the Ray. I prefer a compact phone so that is why I really like the Ray. My only concern is if the screen is big enough to browse the internet in a nice way. Can you help me decide? Why would you choose the Ray over the Neo?

  • Guest

    XperiaBlog… earlier you said “This phone IS one of the best SE has released this year – we’d much rather choose this than the neo, but we needed to highlight the negatives too.”
    Can you please tell me why you would choose this one rather than the Neo? It’s the first time I’m going to buy a smart phone and a touchscreen phone. At first I wanted to buy the Mini Pro because it has a keyboard. Then I decided to go for the Ray because the screen is a little bit bigger and has a higher resolution. Now my final doubt is between the Ray and the Neo, becuase the Neo has a bit bigger screen than the Ray. I prefer a compact phone so that is why I really like the Ray. My only concern is if the screen is big enough to browse the internet in a nice way. Can you help me decide? Why would you choose the Ray over the Neo?

  • Anonymous

    The neo is (slightly) more expensive, but you do get some more screen real estate for that money (3.7″ v 3.3″ on the ray) and of course the HDMI out. However, the Xperia ray is much better looking and has a better display (mainly due to its pixel density) – reading text or browsing is simply a pleasure.

    I don’t think you would go wrong with either phone, but if you are not bothered by HDMI then in our view the Xperia ray is the better purchase as it feels sturdier (aluminium chassis), looks nicer and has a stunning screen. As stated in our review, text entry and screen responsiveness are our only gripes for the Xperia ray, but having used Swipe, it becomes much less an issue. The touchscreen sensivity remains an issue, but judging from other views, this could be handset specific.

  • Guest

    Thanks for answering. I have seen both phones and I really like the looks of the Ray. I am not used to using a touchscreen phone, this will be my first. I went to a phone store and tried typing on the Ray. In landscape mode I was quite able to type something… but I also mistyped a few times. Is this normal when you have never used  a touch phone? Will I get better in it… will I get used to it? If your answer is positive then I’ll definitely go for the Ray, so I hope to hear from you again. Many thanks in advance.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes you will get used to it and with the new Swipe texting system, it should be even easier! The great thing about Android in general, is that there are lots of solutions to a particular problem i.e. in this case there’s a whole host of keyboards you could try!

  • Guest

    Thanks a lot for answering my question!! I’m going to buy it!! :-)))))

  • Guester

    when i bought my neo just this week the price difference between my neo and ray is 4k pesos… thats almost $100

  • abdullah alqari

    hi, i myself own a Ray and doesn’t have any sensitivity issues that you mention, the screen is a bit small, but it’s not much of a problem to me(i am a male and able to type even with my thumb with just minor mistake) and god its sleek, and fast

  • Guest

    I still have a few questions before I’m going to buy the Ray.

    1) In the specs I read that it has a scratch-resistant screen. Should I still buy a screen protector, or is that not necessary?

    2) I read that in some parts of the world there is a 2.3.4 Android version for this phone. This version will become available in the rest of the world in October. If I buy a Ray now… how will I get the new Android version? Is this a complicated process? Or will the phone update automatically?

    3) I understand that there is about 300 mb internal data. Is that enough to store apps on? Can I also store apps / games on the 4GB memory card? And… do you think the 4GB card is enough for normal use or is 8GB preferable?

    4) Should I root this phone? This seems like some sort of hype, but I wonder if there are major benefits if I do this. It voids my warranty and it seems like a very complicated process. If I don’t root it, can I still use the phone in a good way?

    5) Do I need to install anti-virus software?

    6) In general, are there any good apps and games that are totally free? Or are the free versions always packed with advertisements and / or limited in functions (compared to pro versions which you have to pay for)?

    Many questions, but I hope you guys can answer them. Many thanks!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Okay we’ll keep it brief:
    1) Not necessary, some Xperia phones come with a pre-installed screen protector. The retail box is likely to have one, so no need to buy one.
    2) No it’s not complicated. You just need to install the Sony Ericsson Update Service onto your PC and check for updates.
    3) Apps can be moved to the SD card. The >300MB ROM is sufficient for most people to install apps. The size of SD card depends on whether you want to add media files (music, movies etc).
    4) Rooting your phone allows extra access into the back-end of the phone. It’s by no means necessary and most people use their phone without it.
    5) No.
    6) Too broad a question – when you get the phone you’ll see the Android Market has a wide selection of both paid-for and free apps.

    Hope that helps!

  • Guest


    2, 3, 4 and 5 are totally clear :-)

    About 1: do you mean that the screen-protector is already put on to the phone’s screen, or do you mean there is a separate screen protector in the box? I watched some unboxing movies on YouTube and it doesn’t seem to be there. If it is not there, should I buy it? They are quite expensive and I don’t know if it’s necessary since the screen is scratch resistant.

    About 6: I understand that there are free and paid-for apps / games. But what I meant is… are there free apps / games that are totally free? Or is there always a FULL / PRO version (which of course you have to pay for)? In other words, are the free versions always “teasers” for the FULL / PRO versions?

  • Anonymous

    For number 1 – it can be either or both. Our recent test unit had a screen protector pre-applied. Wait until you receive the box – you always buy one after if you need.

    For 6 – Some games are ad-supported and have premium versions that remove the ads. However, there are loads of other completely free apps. You’ll see when you get your handset.

  • Guest

    Thanks a lot for all of your answers!! :D

    For 1: If the screen protector is already pre-applied is this clearly visible? I don’t want to end up with 2 screen-protectors applied on my screen :D

  • Anonymous

    It should be, you’ll have to look carefully at the edges…

  • Guest

    I contacted a Sony Ericsson employee using the chat function on their website. He said there is no screen protector pre-applied or in the box. He said it’s a personal choice whether to buy one or not. He said that if I put it in my pocket and there is nothing else in my pocket (like keys for example) I don’t need a screen protector. Do you agree? Do you use a screen protector on your own mobile phone?

  • Billy

    Hi, i am torn between Arc and Ray as a present for my wife. any advice ?

  • Guest

    In general ladies like the smaller phones. The Ray is a small and compact phone… the Arc… not. My opinion is that the Ray would be the best choice.

  • Eric

    In this review: they say that the glass of the screen is not that good.

    I quote:

    “As with all modern mobile phones, the glass is apparently toughened. We couldn’t see any literature that defined it specifically as Gorilla Glass but whatever it is, it’s not great. Not only is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray a fingerprint and dust magnet, the screen is also a scratch magnet. In the week that we had it, we noticed scratches appear at the rate of several per day. Don’t get us wrong, they weren’t huge, and indeed, we had to strain to look for them.”

    Do you guys agree with this? I think it’s very strange and a bad thing if scratches appear within one week…

  • Martin

    II bought 2 xperia ray’s and they both had a screen protector in the box, not applied. It is a very good protector went on nice and smooth. They aren’t expensive to buy anyway only £1.50 on ebay :-)

  • Aie

    This is going to be my first touchscreen phone. Can I know touchscreen phone usually last how many years?

  • Chris Card

    arc S will last

  • Guest

    thanks for the great review… i always appreciate knowing every bad feature and then deciding if it would be an issue for me… I was hoping if you could comment on a couple of things not mentioned in your review:

    1. about SE Rays facebook integration… i read a comment somewhere (which i cant find now) and it was about how the ray automatically uploads photo’s to the facebook gallery. this would be my first smart phone and if I logged onto my facebook account on the widget(?) would my phone upload/download everything from the ray to  facebook and forever need a connection with facebook? and to fix this issue, should i avoid logging onto facebook on this phone?

    2. about the camera, in one of your replies you said there are a lot of keyboard apps to replace SE’s Ray one, would there also be camera apps to replace SE’s one?

    thanks and hope you guys can give your strict opinion like the review :D

  • Need help

    Hi, i would like to buy this beautiful baby but the main problem is its has not flash. Is there any apps or something to make it flash light coz i really need flash for the camera & how’s its battery life, is last long for two days without heavy usage…..thanks in advance
    All comments will be appreciated………

  • ordered one, but then realised no HDMI out … so limits use with livedock and mini pc functionality. Sent it back to o2 .  Hoping next Xperia phones are full package, but at the moment iphone ahead (as usual) and people are trapped into expensive / poor value contracts

  • blogs, reviews all say camera not as good as hoped for despite 8 meg .  It is still probably a bteer shooter than a 5 meg.   Other issue screen is small . I played at length with one in o2 shop, fine in landscape form, a little tricky otherwise.  Again , we are all used to slightly bigger screens, and I must admit when I looked at other phones with larger screen it was much more enjoyable.   But, the ray does what it says everything in a snug stylish size.  I also note no hdmi out, that was the killer for me. But if you don’t want / need that it was a very nice phone. Go play with it !

  • It is awesome, phone 

  • Anonymous

    My ray has no screen or keyboard issues. You have a defect. Also the ray has a zero gap display so the viewing angles/outdoor visibility are much better than the arc. Check youtube for a video on that. I love this phone, I recommend it over the arc even. I live in the US and I am really pissed that we got these cheapo headphones in the box. And you in the UK get the live key headphones for free. That’s bull shit

  • Yahoo

    the xperia ray is packed with xmor r which is more sensitive in low light condition just like the new iphone 4s .their camera apperture are the same “f,2.24” if i’m not mistaken .smaller  value is great for low light sensitivity..

  • Mdsami_7

    I am using xperia ray since one week, the handset is good, but as per my opinion the home key is not confortable and the speaker sound is also normal in mobile category, but as studied it is not included with livesound handsfree, the box includes normal headsfree both in quality and sound.  but it is not understood that the screen is specified as scratch resistant and screen guard included in the box?

  • Guest

    hi there,

    i have the sony ericcson xperia ray and i’ve noticed a massive improvement in battery life since using the ‘power save mode’ when i’m not using the phone but just want it on in case anyone calls or texts. i just wondered if there’s any negative effect on the phone to keeping it on ‘power save’ for long periods of time?


  • d.c.

    hi. i have a doubt that is xperia ray’s screen is as durable and scratch resistant as a gorilla glass? nd r d colors of picture samples washed out? thanks.

  • David

    hello please can you tell me how to make the button in between the volume controls on the headphone cable, on the ray, stay on? if i press and hold it my music is crystal clear, im not referring to the live button, i really hope you can help as its going to be a hassle to replace

  • joe

    After reading your good review I’ve bought an Xperia Ray 2 weeks ago. After a few days I’ve removed the screen protector (very very hard to remove!). Now there’s *no taps lost at all*. The scratches are not a problem because the display is a graphite glass if I’m not wrong.

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  • Masd

    Does Xperia Ray Support USB on the go ?

  • Anonymous

    You probably found out the answer but it sounds like you were using a headset compatible with iphone, htc, blackberry and most other phones. Sony Ericsson 3.5mm jacks are slightly different so you would need to buy ones designed for them. Nokia phones uses the same type of jack that SE uses, so their headsets would be compatible. Phillips sell their earphones with mic’s with an adapter. Its really quite annoying!

  • Anonymous

    vingette is a great app. it has a function that uses the led flash light, like a flash. the downside is that it doesnt use the full widescreen aspect, but is decent. It also makes the volume button a dedicated camera button, so thats cool too

  • Miroslav Benko

    I have my Ray for one week now. And… God I like this phone, yea, sure, there are some issues. Once in one hundred touches the display does not respond. But WTH, My iPad does not respond sometimes. iPhone 4S does not respond sometimes (yeah Apple, get used to it). It is just that everybody is used to something else. U will get used to a harder touch and I guarantee NO second chance responds.
    About the dust and fingerprints: IMHO this is the Ray’s biggest drawback. You just have to place the screen protector on. U will certainly get the stains and the scratches without the protection in some time. I have not tested the phones glass, obviously not to get any scratches there :) But to be honest the glass is something completely different from a plasticky peace of…protection. It gets scratched very easily (I would say that the glassy screen wouldn’t).
    And that’s all from the negatives. Now to the positives:
    It FEELS very nice in hand.
    No squeeky noises upon pressure.
    It doesn’t feel like a cheap peace of plastic.
    It does offer a MASSIVE performance (best seen with 3D gaming).
    The display is B.E.A.utiful. The BRAVIA engine helps when watching movies indeed. The contrast is huge (its Sony).
    It is an Android phone which is IMO superior to iOS (by means of personalization).
    And Hell YEAH, it has built in FLASH and it runs smoothly (when good internet connection is available of course).
    The camera is… well, OK. I use DSLR instead.

    Now to the biggest issue I have encountered: Be careful, you will get completely dependent on Your Ray :)
    Hope this helps

  • Arijit D


    I am stuck up between Ray and Arc S. Though the features and specifications appear pretty much same apart from the bigger screen and 1.4GHz in Arc S, but still Arc S is priced 10k more than Ray’s price presently in India. Various reviews says Arc S is over priced since at around 28k and still basic things like a front facing camera is missing. I also found that camera pictures are more clearer in Arc S though in the features and camera quality everything is same.I wanted to know is the Arc S worth spending 10k more than Ray or Ray is a better deal.
    I am quite confused whether 10k is worth a difference between the two.

  • Anonymous

     very good review, i`m seriously thinking of getting this phone

  • 00sneep

    I would like to know plz, before i buy the Ray, that because it has such low storage on the phone,  is it possible for it to store photo’s,  and videos directly on the sd card without transferring them manually

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    just have this phone xperia ray yesterday, no auto-flash & no shutter button for camera, so its quite hard to me to take photo..did have any app (in market) that i need to install to get auto-flash?

  • i have a  ray and about the sd….. first all of the songs or pic u will put will go to the sd if u blutooth or put from the computer it will be in sd , and apps go to sd but u need a app called apps to sd.. 
                                    sazim patel
    ps.. fake fb account

  • hello sir i wanna ask one thing …that can we install hd games(2 or 3 games) in 300 mb internal with 8 gb sd card…………plz clear my doubt

  • Apoorv Pandey

    I would like to know about the camera quality.
    I have this phone for around 10 days and the pics are not as expected of 8mp came.
    They are ighly compressed and high iso level.
    The file size is also 2.5.

  • Nice phone.
    But i don’t understand the thought process behind the sheet of (apparently) screen-protector that i found in the box.

    A.) Its needed, and then it would be on the actual screen and not rattling around inside the cardboard-box instead.
    B.) Its not needed, and then why bother tossing it in there at all?

    Anyway, made a couple of quick attempts to mount it to the phone, but it never quite fit properly.
    And after a while it looked used up so i just crumpled it up an threw it in the garbage.

    Am i right to assume some phones originally came with it already mounted, but that it prevented the phone from working properly, so they started selling it with the protection-layer unmounted, so that it would be the customers own fault if problems occured because they DIDN’T mount it AND it would be the customer own fault if problems occurred because they DID mount it, so that Sony’s arse would be covered in either case?

  • mx

    Anyone has any problems with music playback? Sometimes there’s a buzzing sound when the music is playing. The thing is, I got it changed for another and the second one is also like that….

  • ye

    how woud i know if the xperia ray is already batt. full?

  • loken

    im a guy and i have this phone tis amazing

  • Salman

    14 years….My uncle have one….

  • as

    me too, sometimes it is when i listen to music and opened my gallery the same time

  • vikky

    hai guyz
    i have brought a xperia ray last month
    it feels good and performance is also good
    i have been disappointed with the screen as it is get scrached up easily
    so i prefer you buy a screen guard when u buy this set

  • Shgoodboy

    Hi i am in a confusion to buy xperia ray or xperia neo v i would lie to get your suggestion regarding the two 

  • aoi

    can i know why there is no need to install anti-virus software?

  • Jason

    i’ve had the xperia ray for a good few months now, but the thing i found annoying is that when i put the screen protector on, dust kept getting under it and there were bubbles underneath it. also, i upgraded the ray to 4.0, and it’s kind of glitchy. but all in all, it’s a nice phone. the resolution is great, and the internet speed is better than my dad’s phone. (yeah, i’m a kid.) the memory should be sufficent, and i also suggest getting go launcher or next launcher on the phone, looks great.

  • Jason

    i have a question, can you move all downloaded apps automatically? I’m tired of going and moving them all one by one.

  • vinoth

    Sonyericsson ray display blackout problem can be resolved conduct 9443176765

  • S Sangeetha Sangee

    did you find the solution for auto flash on camera ?

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